“We Are Only Extending The Track”

(Cypress; April 21, 2014) Not to say that the Los Alamitos residents that showed up at the Cypress City Council meeting to extend the track are all seeing and all knowing, but they could read the racing journals and knew that the track extension wasn’t all that was going to happen.

At that meeting they stated that there was no problem extending the track. Even though Frick and Frack (see below)

Frick (name unknown)

Frick (name unknown)

Frack (name unknown)

Frack (name unknown)

were both there to insist that we Los Alamitos folk were there with nefarious plans….

Alas, it wasn’t so. Los Alamitos didn’t demand that Cypress pay them off for the track extension (Cypress Council Member Bailey even had to get the then City Manager to state that that particular rumor was very false).

The Los Alamitos residents that spoke were supportive of the extension of the track.

All seemed good.

But things are not always what they seem. One (or two) of the Los Alamitos residents qualified their statements of support. In fact, they made sure that there was no doubt that Los Alamitos residents had a position.

When Lexington was made a through street as part of the Cottonwood Agreement the City of Cypress stated that the north end wouldn’t be widened because there was no way that they were going to have Doc Alred tear down any of his stables.

One of the Los Alamitos residents suggested that the extension agreement be modified to make sure that any further development that added one building to the property would also include a caveat that to do so would require that the Los Alamitos Race Track abandon the land necessary to extend the north end of Lexington to it’s full width. This was effectively shot down by the City Attorney for Cypress who said that the City couldn’t do that.

Today Los Alamitos residents were notified that the Los Alamitos Race Course has put in a Negative Declaration for:

Los Alamitos Race Course Barn Modification Project – Amendment to Conditional Use Permit No. 2013-08 and Approval of Site Plan Review

What is that?

The proposed project includes the addition, expansion, and/or relocation of eight prefabricated horse barns with 234 new stalls and 40 relocated stalls within the barn area at the Los Alamitos Race Course (Barn Area).

Not to say “we told you so”, but what the heck. We Told You So 

This is it folks. The only opportunity that Los Alamitos, the City of Los Alamitos and the residents of the City of Los Alamitos, will have to force the Los Alamitos Race Course to finally do the right thing and provide the land to expand and complete Lexington north of the railroad tracks.

The public is invited to comment on this with public comment ending on May 8, 2014. Will the City of Los Alamitos put in a demand that Lexington’s north end be completed as part of this project, or are we forever going to be told that the street will remain in the unfinished state that it is in now?

So, pick up your phones and call the City of Los Alamitos and find out what the City is planning to do to get Lexington completed.

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One Response to “We Are Only Extending The Track”

  1. Art DeBolt says:

    If my memory serves me the LART specific plan requires the city or the developer to extend Lexington to its full width when the planning area North of Cottonwood is developed. I am not sure if the barn area is included in the planning areas mentioned or if improvements to the race track are excluded from triggering the widening. I am sure there was no exclusion of the existing barn area if the widening were required. Need to read the LART Specific Plan.

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