No lines, few voters in Los Alamitos for State Primary

(6/3/2014, Los Alamitos)  What if they called an election, and nobody voted?

When I stopped by Los Alamitos Fire Station and polling place around 2 today to drop off my vote-by-mail ballot there were more poll workers (3) than voters.  And those three poll workers all agreed it had been slow all day.

So I did a survey of the precinct’s who voted sheet for my own single family neighborhood and discovered about 50% of the registered voters were “VBM”  (Vote By Mail) voters.   Of the remaining 50% of registered voters, only 15% had voted as of 1 pm.  Another 3% were dead, and I’m pleased to report that none of them had voted (as of 1 pm, at least) & I’ll bet the good people of Chicago couldn’t make that claim in their elections.

Turnout in the Apartment Row section of the precinct was even worse.

But wait–it get’s even worse.  Only 50% of Californians over 18 are actually registered to vote!  So, if voting percentages statewide double what I saw in one Los Al tract, 30% of registered voters will be deciding who runs in November’s Primary.  Which is 15% of all voting age Californians.  

Let’s assume that it takes 1/3 of that 15% to win second place, and with about a dozen candidates for Governor I’m pretty sure it will take less than that.  That means 5% of election age Californians will decide who gets to the November primary!

And people thought the turnout of 47% for Egypt’s Presidential election last year was low!

You can become one of the vocal minority by heading over to your polling place by 8 pm tonight, with or without your sample ballot or registration.  Click here for our thoughts on the various races.  Click here for links to find your polling place and other last minute info.

We hope to have some election results up tomorrow morning.

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  1. JM Ivler says:

    And if you go back to my original post, in at least two OC races that 5% will actually be making the decision on who WINS, not who is on the ballot in November. If, for instance, in the DA’s race one of the two candidates gets 50%+1 that candidate will be listed unopposed in November.

    Clearly the system is very broken.

    If there are only two candidates (or less) for the primary for any office, both should automatically move to the November Ballot.

    Very broken indeed.

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