More Rossmoor daylight burglaries of occupied homes.

(Rossmoor, 7/22/2014)  The Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. reports that Rossmoor continues to experience home burglaries, including entry during daylight hours when homes are occupied.  Burglaries of home while occupied can lead to more serious problems.

If it’s happening in Rossmoor, it could be happening across the Boulevard in Los Alamitos, and quite possibly in Seal Beach and Cypress as well.

This could be a case of burglars taking advantage of open windows caused by the heat.  It might also be young people who are out of school with time on their hands.

Things you can do:

  • If you see a suspicious person(s) or if you see a suspicious vehicle in your neighborhood, CALL 911 or Police Dispatch!  We are the eyes and ears of law enforcement.
  • Call 911 even when in doubt! Err on the side of caution. Watchful neighbors can often notice if something or someone seems out of place.  The last time a home was burglarized on my block, at least one neighbor thought the van looked suspicious, but didn’t bother calling.  “When in doubt, call it out!”
  •  If you’re opening windows to cool off your home in the morning or evening, take steps to make it harder for burglars to enter, like placing a fan in the window that’s turned on, only opening the window part way, with a security latch or dowel to prevent someone opening it wide enough to enter, put up a “beware of dog” sign or two, have TV or radio or both on, don’t open windows that are easily accessed, plant bouganvillas or cypress/spruce or lots of roses in front of your windows to discourage access.
  • That burglary on my street occurred during a day when some soap salespeople were working the neighborhood.  So ask solicitors if they have a city or county permit.  If they don’t, tell them to go to City Hall or the County Offices and get one! Note what they are wearing and look like and what direction they’re headed. Then,  if they don’t leave the neighborhood call the police and report them.
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2 Responses to More Rossmoor daylight burglaries of occupied homes.

  1. It's Too Late says:

    I would offer that the statistics would support the theory that there is a high correlation between the increase in crime in this sector of Orange County, and Rossmoor in particular and the installation of the megamall, Shops at Rossmoor. I would also offer that traffic, and noise and air pollution have increased since the imposition of the mall into our lives. Over the last 10 yrs local folks should have been more focused in fighting Seal Beach (who rake in the tax dollars while placing the stores well away from their residents) instead of being so concerned with coyotes and tree planting. Maybe the bill for fighting local crime should be sent to the Seal Beach city hall.

  2. Long Time Cypress resident says:

    RE: “Ask solicitors if they have a city or county permit. If they don’t, tell them to go to City Hall or the County Offices and get one! Note what they are wearing and look like and what direction they’re headed.”

    1) You need to firm in say that you need to SEE their permit. Anyone can say “Yes, I have a permit.”

    2) If you are suspicious of their motives you could use your phone to take a photo or video of them … much better than trying to remember what they were wearing and what they looked like.

    3) Need to get a FaceBook CrimeWatch Page for that area – there already is one for Cypress/Garden Grove and it is very effective – residents are notifying neighbors and shooting photos, uploading to FaceBook, and then everyone in that FaceBook Group gets notified of the most recent Notification right away. And the police are notified if necessary. Suspicious people and patterns are discovered this way. See:

    This FaceBook Page is also used to notify people of other issues, like immediate coyotes sightings, etc.

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