MetaPost: (May Update)

In April we expanded our reach to 1,586 users and another 546 unique new users. So, where are we now? In May we were able to expand to 663 new users. A banner month as we continue to grow and expand our reach. I would like to thank all our new users for joining us and express my hope that they will soon be adding content by commenting on the stories we post.

What I found interesting was that the top five stories of May were…

  1. Should Cypress Switch to Weekly Recyclable Pickup (G.P.)
  2. Primary Ballot What We Think (JM.I. and D.E.)
  3. Who Are We Really (H.G.)
  4.  5/19/14 City Council Meeting (D.E.)
  5. Congressman Allen Lowenthal Sells Out (JM.I.)

Why is this interesting? Four different contributors/authors in the top five stories. I can say with some certainty that losalnews can’t be confused as some “personal blog” any more.

What’s ahead for June, and July? These are slow months in the news cycle, but we have some things still on the burners… Both Los Al and Cypress are dealing with issues around solid waste, Los Al has a budget and we will be putting together questionnaires to send to the candidates for public office that have made it past the primary and want our votes.

Remember, as of Friday the 13th school’s out (for everyone but Weaver), so please, let’s be careful driving around the city and keep an eye out for the children as the streets and parks become their weekday play areas.

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3 Responses to MetaPost: (May Update)

  1. Los al resident says:

    Does anyone know if Allen Lowenthal is out, or does he have to run off with Andy Whelan in November?

  2. JM Ivler says:

    only non-partisan offices fill at 50%+1 in the primary.

    So, less than 10% of the population elected our DA, but Lowenthal will have to run again in the General.

    Yes, the law sucks. If there are only two people there should be no primary and it should flow to the general automatically.

  3. JM Ivler says:

    On June 10, 2014 there was a four hour outage due to errors in the configuration of the mysql update by the hosting provider. Clearly this has been fixed. I just want to make sure that no one thinks that something nefarious was done.

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