MetaPost: (April Update)

On March 5th we launched the new LosAlNews to replace LetsFixLosAl. On March 24th we finally got the swap over on the LetsFixLosAl domain so that we could redirect people from the old site to the new. At the end of March we posted our initial traffic information. This is an update

Back then we stated that we had

454 unique new users between the startup and the swap over. 60% came from Los Al, Rossmoor, Long Beach, Cypress and Seal Beach.

In April we expanded our reach to 1,586 users and another 546 unique new users. 64% were local (the same cities as above). As for our reach, Clearly CA was the largest with 1,362 unique visitors, but we also were read in Washington DC, TN, FL, AZ TX, IL, MI, NV to name a few places where we got a largish number of visitors (and 89 from parts unknown).

Now for a few “housekeeping” notes. As you know we have no advertising on, just like we did no advertising on Clearly we have a reach and could put advertising on and use this site to create an income stream. It was decided by Dave Emerson a long time ago not to do it, and none of the current contributors see any reason to change that (or if the do they haven’t made a case for it).

In the past we have worked closely with the News-Enterprise. We have told them what we are working on, we have shared data and information we have with them. We have done so because it is core to our beliefs that the more that people are informed the better they are at making informed decisions. We have never seen our relationship with the News-Enterprise as one of competition, but one of cooperation.

In April, twice, items were provided to the News-Enterprise that mentioned either or In both cases Ted, who we have a great relationship with, was ready to go to print with the item. In both cases the parent company OCNN (Orange County News Network, which owns the Sun, Event, News-Enterprise and other community weeklies) killed the items. In one case clearly indicating that they saw as competition.

As we discuss internally how we are going to approach the change in our relationship, we are telling you this because we believe that we are here to serve you, our readers and commenter, and would like your feedback on how you think we should change our relationship with the News-Enterprise (should we remove the link to their website? etc.). Please share your opinions in the comments section, or via the Contact Us at the top of the page.

On a positive note, we are very happy to announce that we have a new contributor who we hope will be able to fill us in with historical information about our community to go hand-in-hand with Highlands Guy’s community views. I am proud, and somewhat humbled, to announce that Larry Strawther has agreed to contribute guest columns for I look forward with great anticipation to see what he is going to share with our community.

If you (the reader) are interested in joining as a contributing author, please feel free to contact us (top of the page) as we are always looking for more local people who want to work on making this a better news source for our community.


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  1. HG says:

    It is my firm belief that LosAlNews should continue to share and submit information with the NewsEnterprise in the same way as you have done in the past. It is in keeping with the spirit of the blog and just the right thing to do, regardless of the way it is handled by the OCNN folks. In my humble opinion, it is in fact, taking the high road.

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