Los Alamitos City Council Meets Monday to consider parking meters, other measures to close half million budget gap

(6/8/2014, Los Alamitos)  Los Alamitos City Council meets Monday at 6 pm  in a televised Special Meeting to address four issues:

  1. A host of “follow up items” for the  2014-15 Los Alamitos City Budget that begins 23 days from today.
  2. Continuing Closed Session discussions with former Interim City Manager and current  Labor Consultant/Negotiator Greg Korduner over negotiations with the Los Alamitos City Employee Association.
  3. Continuing Closed Session discussions with Consultant Korduner over negotiations with the Los Alamitos Police Officers Association
  4. Closed Session discussions with the City Attorney regarding anticipated/pending litigation.

Budget Items:

Los Alamitos residents may be interested in some of the details of the budget, like the following items from the Capital Improvements Projects Budget:

  • $100,000 from the General Fund as a down payment of sorts for the “Los Alamitos Blvd. Revitalization Project.”  (It should be noted that about four years back the City Council rejected a $500,000 grant to add islands to Los Alamitos Blvd. because they felt those islands were incompatible with the then newly proposed revitalization project.)
  • $427,o00 in “unfunded” capital improvement projects from parking lot pavement to five items for the pool at the Base totaling $110,000.  (I remember former Council Member Marilyn Poe claiming in 2008 that the Pool was not costing the City a penny.)

The proposed Budget which the Council and City Staff have been working diligently on for months, includes nine cuts and revenue increases to “close the budget gap for 2014-15,” which I presume includes the unfunded Capital Improvement Items.  These include an anticipated $131,300 from “Charge for Parking on City property at the Medical Center.”  (Our more budget minded readers might want to click here for the 13  page agenda & Agenda Budget Report to see more details and verify my assumptions.)

As always, your comments and perspective are welcome.

Click here for a report from George Pardon, “Cypress City Council to consider new City Manager Monday night.”

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One Response to Los Alamitos City Council Meets Monday to consider parking meters, other measures to close half million budget gap

  1. Don't Get Me Started says:

    Why is it that governments always think about how to go after revenue (taxes or consumer costs) to cover however much they want to spend? How about cutting the cost of government? We can deal with it. Maybe the PERS reserves need to be gutted. Maybe the city needs to go under due to PERS and then the citizens will understand the effects of an out of control and unrealistic pubic funded entity.

    Instead of asking us for more money, why not charge Seal Beach for use of our land along Lampson? Our General Plan indicates it’s ours. Or is this a part of the “good ol boy” network?

    So, in these hard times when they have to find new revenue, they put in an increase for the Director of Administration. I don’t get it. Especially, when there have to be a whole lot more folks looking for work than there are positions, why should we have to incentivize someone to work here?

    And, I see we “need” to fund such things as school traffic studies and city hall relocation. Are you kidding me? We got a lot of cars, not enough parking, and too many students in the school. Just deal with it. There is no need to spend any of my tax money on another study. And can’t someone at city hall study a move as part of their regular job?

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