Los Alamitos City Council Meeting 4/21/14 @ 6PM

JM filling in for Dave, so excuse my “opinion” being mixed in with the agenda.

One of the interesting changes that having only one City Council meeting a month has done has made “presentations” seem like it goes on forever. This month is no different. Six, count them, presentations. This isn’t knocking the “presentations” from our City Council, but maybe it would be nice to start thinking about having a monthly “Presentation” meeting at a time after most people have had a chance to eat with their families, and where there is no need to have all the City Staff there as well.

A. Presentation of Certificates of Recognition to 2014 Southland Credit Union 33rd Annual Los Alamitos Race on the Base Sponsors

B. Presentation of Certificates of Recognition to Military Service Academy Nominees Andrew Chaidez, US Air Force Academy; Karen Kim, West Point, NY; Vincent O’Reilly, Westpoint, NY; and, US Naval Academy Appointee, Haley Fessenden

C. Presentation of a Certificate of Recognition to Ann Busenkell for her Volunteer and Community Involvement

D. Presentation of a Proclamation for Public Safety Dispatcher Week to West Cities Police Communications Representatives, Lindsay Lenart, Valerie Oberle, and Marie Pope

E. Presentation of a Proclamation for DMV/Donate Life California Month to Donate Life Ambassador Raquel Gonzalez

F. Presentation of Certificates of Recognition to the Los Alamitos Girls Soccer Team

What follows is an almost Cypress City Council level Consent Calendar.

A. Approval of Minutes

B. Warrants

C. Resolution No. 2014-08 – Establish New Part-Time Position Classifications, Amend Hourly Rate Schedule and Adopt Findings to Hire a PERS Annuitant as a Temporary Part-time Executive Assistant/Benefits Coordinator

D. Review of Engineering and Traffic Survey for Speed Limits

E. Approval of Plans and Specifications, and Authorization to Bid for Street Improvement Project (CIP No. 13/14-04)

F. Authorization to Purchase Virtualization Storage System

G. Amendment No. 2 to Professional Services Agreement with Scientia Consulting Group for Information Technology Support

H. Approval of Amendments to Professional Service Agreements for Interim Finance Services

I. Amendment No. 2 to Professional Services Agreement with Douglas L. Wood for the Provision of Services Related to the Administration of LATV

J. Extension of Professional Services Agreement with Moss, Levy & Hartzheim, LLP, for Professional Independent Financial Auditing Services

K. Extension of Professional Services Agreement with Charles Abbott Associates for Building and Safety Services

L. Extension of Professional Services Agreement with Willdan Engineering for City Engineer Services

M. Amendment No. 1 to Professional Services Agreement for Brochure Printing Services

N. Amendment No. 1 to Professional Services Agreement for Pool Maintenance Services

O. Extension of Professional Services Agreement with West Coast Arborists for Tree Maintenance Services

P. Extension of Professional Services Agreement with Computer Service Company for Traffic Signal Maintenance

Yep, you read that right A-P… 10 items away from needing to go through the alphabet a second time…

That leaves one public hearing item (Proposed Changes to the Los Alamitos Municipal Code Sections Relating to Curb Cuts, Driveways, Aprons and Landscape Standards) and then three discussion items.

A. Rescission of City Council Action Against Council Member Warren Kusumoto and Reimbursement for Legal Fees Expended

B. Park Maintenance Discussion

C. Consider Contribution Towards Townsend Public Affairs (TPA) Contract for Continued Advocacy Efforts Relating to the I-405 Improvement Project

Yes, finally, after being delayed for two months we might get around to addressing the attempted railroading by our former City Attorney and the City Council Majority of a member of the City Council. I noticed that no where in the documentation does it state that on at least two occasions members of the public asked why the City Attorney had not done what she was instructed to do by the City Council (before the Statute of Limitations ran out). And there doesn’t seem to be any discussion planned on what the City intends to do about a City Attorney who was given specific instructions, but choose to totally ignore those instructions.

Finally, the public meeting will close with a couple of reports, including on from Council Member Edgar from the agency that paid him over $14,000 in 2013 (more than all the other City Council Members received in compensation while “representing” the City of Los Alamitos put together – but that is a post for another day).

The evening closes with three closed sessions dealing with “Labor negotiations” (City Employees Union, Police Union and City Clerk) and one closed session dealing with “Anticipated Litigation”, which actually covers three potential cases.

As always, your respectful opinions are always appreciated in the comments section.

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3 Responses to Los Alamitos City Council Meeting 4/21/14 @ 6PM

  1. I'm with you JM says:

    There should be no more than two presentations at one meeting.
    If there is a need to have more than two Then place the presentation section at the end of the council meeting.

  2. Fellow Citizen says:

    I found the banter on the Zoning Ordinance Amendment 14-01 at last night’s city council meeting a little less than stellar. The reasons for the Ordinance have been, and still are, legitimate, reasonable, and were put in place to address quality of life issues. What I heard was a lot of “grandfathering in” that will not really produce the results that the Ordinance addresses. And this laissez faire attitude by city staff was legitimized by a unanimous vote by the council. I would offer that this is another issue that did not get the amount of time and discussion deserved and reflects another weakening of our standards.

  3. JM Ivler says:

    Personally, I was shocked at how fast the presentations moved, and disappointed that we are now waiting *one more month* to finally address the character assignation of Kusumoto. I still wonder why that issue is not addressing the City Attorney who was given an explicit instruction from her employer and then knowingly and with intent was insubordinate, yet still got paid to write the character assignation document even though she knowingly did not follow the City Council’s specific instructions.

    One would hope that the City would get all the money back for the bogus accusations and character assignation that Sandra did under the instructions of a petty and vindictive City Council Majority.

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