Does Doug Bailey need help? Your reporting on Monday’s Cypress City Council Meeting

A screen shot of  Cypress  City Council Member Douglas Bailey's e-mail to a constituent

A screen shot of Cypress City Council Member Douglas Bailey’s e-mail to a constituent

(Cypress, 6/9/2014)  This post will be your opportunity to report on tonight’s Cypress City Council Meeting, but first we have an update on the article we posted over the weekend from Cypress Resident George Pardon.

Mr. Pardon also sent a copy of the e-mail containing the info in our article to all of Cypress’ City Council Members as a courtesy and to alert his elected officials to his concerns about the sudden hiring of a seemingly under qualified new City Manager.

Above is a screen shot of the surprising response Mr. Pardon received from Council Member Bailey.

You’d think most Council Members would appreciate the involvement and interest of a long time Cypress resident who served for many years as California State University Dominguez Hills V.P. of Administration & Finance.   A resident willing to  give back to his community during his retirement years.

Actually, given Bailey’s past antics, perhaps we shouldn’t be that surprised at his unprofessional response to Mr. Pardon.  It will be interesting to see what, if anything, CM Bailey will have to say tonight.  Not to mention how the Council votes on this sudden, questionable appointment.

This is the place for your reporting, comments, and perspective on tonight’s Cypress City Council Meeting,  whether you see it in person, watch it on TV, or read about it here or elsewhere.  As always, we request and expect of our readers a higher level of respect and diplomacy than CM Bailey exhibited in his e-mail today.

Click here for this morning’s additional information on the surprising appointment, including  Mr. Grant’s salary and contract.

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6 Responses to Does Doug Bailey need help? Your reporting on Monday’s Cypress City Council Meeting

  1. Long Time Cypress resident says:

    Doug Bailey should be ashamed of himself – how did we end up electing this guy to office? Doug Bailey does not represent the spirit of Cypress that many of us grew up with here. Cypress desperately needs residents to run for City Council that care about the concerns of the residents and are not bought off by numerous corporations. How sad it is going to be for Cypress if no trustworthy residents step up to the plate and run for City Council – we need three trustworthy residents to run for those 3 available seats in November 2014.

  2. Another super short meeting says:

    Another super short meeting. This time the actual business portion of this meeting lasted about 10 minutes.

    No speakers about the City Manager and they did hire Mr. Grant. He was in the audience, but did not speak they just showed him briefly on camera.

    Baily and Johnson moved and seconded to hire him. It was unanimous.

    They also changed the zoning code at the school property to turn it into a code that would allow the homes to be built there.

    That was that. It took about 10 minutes and then it was just now announcements about ribbon cuttings they attended and kids that got scholarships etc.

    And a presentation to the little girl who say that dogs life, same one as at Los Alamitos’ last City Council meeting.

  3. JM Ivler says:

    We may have contentious meetings at times in Los Al, but I truly do appreciate them; and the City Staff and the Members of City Council, when I see the well oiled railroad that runs Cypress.

    I know George, and while he and I may not agree on everything I have found him to be thoughtful, considerate and even when we were on differing sides of an issue, a gentleman.

    You Mr. Bailey are no George Pardon, and you are truly an idiot (what is with it with these idiots who feel that they have the right to call their constituents names? And worse yet, to do so in writing?)

  4. charles milam says:

    George Pardon is one of the men whose effort helped save the City of Cypress from the mess of the Prologis sale. He and a few others did what the City Council should have done to protect the citizens of Cypress.
    To call George Pardon an idiot is simply another example of the bad judgement that Councilman Bailey has displayed during his term in office. If George Pardon is an idiot, the City of Cypress could use a few more of them to replace self centered slow thinkers like Councilman Bailey.

  5. Long Time Cypress resident says:

    Correcting the record regarding Charles Milam’s comments above:

    The real reason that the powerful ProLogis corporation walked away from their plans to build a 24/7 truck terminal in Cypress was because the residents of Cypress voted NO on Measure A by 70 %. Everyone at Cypress City Hall saw that Cypress residents had woken up. I asked a well-respected two-term former Cypress City Council member: What was the main reason that ProLogis walked away from Cypress? His answer: “Because the City of Cypress was beaten so badly in Measure A.” ProLogis also left Cypress because there was so much public outcry against their truck terminal from Cypress residents who objected to ProLogis by bravely speaking before the Cypress City Council, writing emails to Cypress City Council members, making phone calls to voice their opinion to Cypress City Hall and writing excellent ‘Letters to the Editor’ of the News Enterprise – our supposed “newspaper” that has not had any journalist covering the Cypress City Council meetings in years – how sad.

    The good Cypress residents who gathered together to fight another re-zoning of the last of our Open Space land at Cerritos Ave. and Lexington (the Measure A land), won the Measure A campaign with just $ 5,000 dollars in donations from residents. This was the ‘No on Measure A’ side. The ‘Yes on Measure A’ side was the side of the race track landowners, Mr. Allred and Mr. Bardis. They spent over $ 600,000 to try to get Cypress voters to vote Yes on Measure A. The mailed out 12 different expensive, color, glossy flyers to my house (and yours) in the weeks preceding the June 2013 election. Most of those flyers were filled with lies about the “benefits” to voting Yes on Measure A. It was shameful campaign. Just think of the power that these wealthy people have to manipulate Cypress voters. And that wealth is still there – they can try it again whenever they want to.

    Unfortunately for Cypress residents, a newly formed Cypress citizens group that was formed, in part, to defeat Measure A was handed over to one guy to lead. Within a few weeks, this man decided to flip the position of the group to ‘Yes on Measure A’. This meant that a new Cypress citizens group had to be quickly formed to defeat Measure A and save Cypress from ProLogis – that is what happened. George Pardon was with the group that flipped to Yes on Measure A. George Pardon was also with the group of Cypress residents who thought it would be ok for ProLogis to stay in Cypress if they would just reduce the number of truck bays that they would be building at their truck terminal; in other words, some residents thought that 130 ProLogis truck bays would be too many, but 60 truck bays would be ok. Sorry folks, but 60 trucks bays running 24/7 would mean that your streets would be filled with too many diesel big-rigs driving right next to our schools, homes, churches, etc.

    Be careful who you align yourselves with and lets get back to ending this over-development of Cypress. Let’s preserve the last of the Open Space zoned land that we have in Cypress. Once the zoning is changed, and the developers pave over the natural land, it is gone forever.

  6. Bill says:

    Having dealt with the Cypress City Council on several issues in the past, I can attest to the fact that their priorities do not reflect what is important to most of the residents. It appears that most of the decisions are based strictly on revenue generation, rather than helping the City to retain the quality of life that once made this a great city to live in. Doug Bailey’s response above really reflects what his priorities really are. Specifically himself.

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