J.M. Ivler’s last LosAlNews Article: Election Day 2016

Editor’s note, 1/16/2017:  In light of the sudden death of my co-editor and friend JM, I plan to go back and bring some of his greatest articles up to the front.  His last full post, reproduced below, contains a lot of his practical wisdom & wit. Re-reading it reminded me of what a great citizen & thinker we’ve lost.  I’ve put some of  JM’s most profound sections in bold for those who like to save time:

(11/7/2016, Los Alamitos)  by J M Ivler: (bolding added)  It is NOT in LosAlNews’ purview to tell you HOW to vote. While the people who post here have a various number of opinions on who they will be voting for, and have even shared those opinions, it’s YOUR vote and it does count.Vote sign

Yes, the top-of-the-ticket has been an ugly mess. More people are voting “against” one candidate or the other than “for” a candidate that they would actually like to have running the country. The campaigns have been ugly throughout the entire Primary process and into the General election. Even when you think the campaigns can’t get any further into the gutter, they found ways to do so.

The number of times I have heard “well I’m voting for this candidate because I will do anything to stop that candidate from winning.” is past triple digits. The number of times I have heard “lesser evil” is a multiple of that.

So, rather than wade into that mess my goal here is to get you focused on the fact that there are a great many reasons to go to the polls and vote, other than the mess at the top-of-the-ticket.

In fact, I will go so far as to say that you can skip almost all the partisan contests on your ballot because you really know nothing about any of the candidates running other than the winner will be from part of the duopoly. Really, one debate between the candidates for Senate to represent the entire State of California? No debates for the House or Assembly? Do you really know where any of them stand, what they stand for and what policies they will implement in your name?

But down the ballot there are some things worthy of you taking the time to fill it out. Continue reading

Measure GG: It’s All In The Details

(10/28/2016, by J M Ivler)  Measure GG will get Cypress a FREE 20 acre park!

No, it won’t.

Measure GG is designed to do one thing and only one thing. Up-zone 170+ acres pf PS zone that has been frozen into place by Measure D so the owners can develop the land.

But, you heard that letter read in Cypress City Council where the good Doc promised that he would give 20 acres of land over to the City of Cypress for a park. You heard it with your own ears. In the letter he said that he would give the City of Cypress 20 acres of land for a park.

If I had read a letter that said that George Soros was going to give $50,000,000 to the City of Cypress, would that make it a fact? No. It would be just a letter stating the best possible intentions.

If the good Doc wanted to give the City of Cypress 20 acres for a park, Continue reading

Our # 1 Post of 2014: If You Are Fortunate


Dave E here.  As 2014 draws to a close, I asked JM which of our 2014 posts received the most viewings.  I would have thought it would be one of the election posts, but it turned out to be something even more significant than that.  

Well worth a read or re-read during this week of  endings, beginnings, and resolutions.  A tribute to one of the heroes who lived and worked among us, and a reminder never to put off  what matters most, because tomorrow is promised to no one:

 (Originally published 11/1/2014)  by JM Ivler:  Throughout our days we touch on so many peoples lives. In many cases we don’t know who we affect or how we touch them. When we pass we don’t know if the footsteps left in the sand will last, or if the next wave will come by and wipe them away.

Bradley (Brad) Scott Sheridan

Bradley (Brad) Scott Sheridan

Today, as I gathered with friends of one who touched so many, I was reminded that the life we live is so fragile, but that we can and do touch others, and in that memory people band together and do good things.

Brad was one of those people. He wasn’t afraid to stick his neck out there for what he believed in. He was active and involved in youth sports, in his children’s schools, in his church, and in the community as a civic leader.

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Los Al News: Two Interesting Tidbits

Are big changes coming to our "Mayberry?"

Some of our readers may have noticed that Honoring Our Fallen tends to get a bit of press here at LosAlNews. That has a great deal to do with the founder of the organization as well as the organization’s mission, which is remembering and providing support for those that tend to be forgotten. After a member of our armed services comes home we call them a vet and we tend to forget about them until Veterans Day or Memorial Day. But when that service member comes home after giving their lives, after they have been honored graveside, well we tend to forget about them too until Veterans Day or Memorial Day.

That isn’t right. See when someone gives their life for their country, a grateful nation should be there to help. It used to be that there was a recognition given to the mothers who lost their sons called Gold Star Mothers. But the reality is that this single loss is going to have ripple effects that don’t just affect the mothers of these service people, but also their spouse, their siblings and most of all their children. And one day’s recognition and a memorial ceremony will not close the holes that this loss will have in their lives.

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HG: Who is ultimately responsible?

Day 1: Look closely.  2 guys, a shovel & a wheelbarrow.

(6/5/2014, Los Alamitos/Orange County, California)  by Highlands’ Guy:   I ask this important question at the start of my tirade, with the hope that by the end I’ll have figured out the answer.

From time to time in my Thursday rants, I complain about all sorts of stuff. I might be upset with all the annoying ‘for profit’ business signs popping up on city lawns and fences, the “non-enforcement” of parkway tree codes, the sneaking in of the SCE microwave radio frequency radiation emitting, smart meters, perhaps the City being seduced by the fad of the dollar draining, un-proven red-light cameras, or even the silent acquiescence to an increasing crime rate. The list could go on and on, but that’s not to the point.

Why I  write: Continue reading