Cypress Council: $330K for Race Track “Vision?”

(Cypress, CA, 2/25/2017)   [Editor’s Note:  There are at least two causes for concern about Cypress’ City Manager’s proposal:  1) Is it a good use of taxpayer money, which George Pardon addresses first.  2)  Under what conditions might it be a good use of taxpayer money?  & 3) What should be the City’s goals for such a study, both of which I will address at the end of George’s article.]

1.  Is this a good use of taxpayer money?

By George Pardon:  At this Monday’s Cypress City Council Meeting (2/27/2017)  Agenda Item 9 under New Business proposes spending $330,000 of the City’s money to develop a vision for the future development of the race track property.

When the school district sought a zone change to rezone MacKay School and the District Office, the city didn’t pay for it.  Most recently, the city has asked two developers to propose plans for the city’s 13 acre site but the city isn’t paying for it.

While there might be some value in the city taking the lead on how the race track property should be developed in the future, the implication is that the city and the residents didn’t provide any input into the last process.  Just like the city takes the lead on Environmental Impact Reports, the property owner reimburses the city.  After all, who is the primary financial beneficiary of the rezoning of the property if not the property owner?

If the city has an extra $330,000 to spend, maybe they need to hear from the residents as to how they think it should be spent.

One statement in the agenda item may indicate the catalyst behind this push by the city to have this property rezoned: Continue reading

Fiction Or Fact: A Measure GG Analysis

fictionorfactSo, Cypress residents awoke to this letter on their doors. Is it FICTION or FACT? We analyze the letter below:

Statement: “Measure GG gives us a voice in what will be developed”


Today Cypress residents already have a voice in what can be developed there, and it is very limited. In the late 1980’s Cypress residents voted for Measure D. Measure D set all that land aside in a specific zoning called PS, or Public Space. This zoning LIMITS what can be built on the land to a specific set of very clear set of possible uses. There can be no housing. No office building. No retail. No commercial. No industrial. current zone allows things like a golf course, a race track, parks, cemeteries, religious institutions. The People of Cypress already said, back in the late 1980’s, what they wanted there.

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Measure GG: It’s All In The Details

(10/28/2016, by J M Ivler)  Measure GG will get Cypress a FREE 20 acre park!

No, it won’t.

Measure GG is designed to do one thing and only one thing. Up-zone 170+ acres pf PS zone that has been frozen into place by Measure D so the owners can develop the land.

But, you heard that letter read in Cypress City Council where the good Doc promised that he would give 20 acres of land over to the City of Cypress for a park. You heard it with your own ears. In the letter he said that he would give the City of Cypress 20 acres of land for a park.

If I had read a letter that said that George Soros was going to give $50,000,000 to the City of Cypress, would that make it a fact? No. It would be just a letter stating the best possible intentions.

If the good Doc wanted to give the City of Cypress 20 acres for a park, Continue reading

Problems with Cypress’ Measure GG:

California Chrome cropped(Cypress, CA, 10/3/2016, by Dave Emerson)  Do you get a feeling of “here we go again” as you read the pro-GG Flyers or Ballot Argument?

2012, Measure L: The Race Track owners promised a 33 acre Continuing Care Seniors’ Facility if we’d approve Measure L.   What Cypress almost got was a  240 bay ProLogs truck terminal.  And, especially if GG passes, that ProLogis Terminal may come back, because ground has yet to be broken for the Senior Housing that was approved last year by Cypress.

2013, Measure A:   The Track’s two owners  were back with glowing descriptions of a park & homes on 47 acres.  Cypress voters were not about to be tricked two years in a row, and rejected Measure A by more than 2 to 1.

2016, Measure GG:  Now they want us upzone all 170 acres they have left! 

They promise, but can’t guarantee a 32 acre “town center” with a “vibrant mix” of uses.  The “town center” could just as easily be  32 acres of ten story office and commercial buildings! Continue reading

Los Alamitos City Council re-elects Richard Murphy as Mayor

In this 2012 News Enterprise photo Richard Murphy was sworn in by City Clerk Windmera Quintanar. Last night he was sworn in as Mayor for the second year in a row!

(Los Alamitos, 12/22/2015) by Dave Emerson:  In a first for this millennium, Los Alamitos’ City Council re-elected the same Mayor for the second year in a row.  And it was unanimous, reflecting the strong support Mayor Murphy has attracted within a Council that had been bitterly divided for almost a decade prior to Murphy’s election in 2012. The Council’s newest member, Shelley Hasselbrink, was unanimously elected Mayor Pro Tem.

Which means that a year from now, Council Member Hasselbrink will probably become only the fifth woman Mayor in Los Alamitos history.

The big surprise revealed to City Council Members, the City Manager, and City Attorney in an e-mail early Monday morning was Continue reading

Massage, stop signs, parking, cell tax, land purchase on 10/19/2015 Council Agenda

What could be done with those striped end sections?
City Hall :  The "elephant in the room?"

What’s this month’s closed session about?

(10/18/2015, Los Alamitos)  Note:  I still hope to get JM’s important post on corruption in OC up later today, but felt the need to get a brief post up on Monday’s Los Alamitos City Meeting first. by Dave Emerson:

The revised agenda for Monday’s 6 pm Los Alamitos City Council Meeting is now online, and quite a number of items caught my attention:

Item 14:  Last on the agenda, is a Closed Session with representatives of the  Lincoln Property Company and the Joint Forces Training Base for the purpose of negotiating “price and terms of payment.”   Not sure what exactly they’re paying for, and since it’s a closed session I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find out and still live, but I did put out an inquiry for details to at least one City Official.  Could be something mundane, maybe the long discussed idea of moving City Hall.  My personal hope would be for a OC Parks Regional Sports Park, possibly including a football/soccer/baseball athletic stadium, which is Continue reading