Truck owners alert: Rash of tailgate thefts & what to do

:(Los Alamitos, 1/20/2017)  by Dave Emerson:   In the last few days there has been a rash of truck tailgates being stolen in the Los Alamitos area.

The problem is that most tailgates are designed to be quickly removed.  Javier Mejia, Vice Chair of Los Al’s Traffic Commission (& Los Al News reader), recommends a Tailgate Lock.  (Click here for a Master Tailgate Lock available from Amazon for $15.85 with free 1 day shipping for Prime members.)  These locks are designed to prevent removal of the tailgate, but still allow normal opening and closing of the tailgate.

According to Javier, this is becoming a nationwide problem.  Additional solutions are described in this updated post from the Crime Prevention Guy.


J.M. Ivler’s last LosAlNews Article: Election Day 2016

Editor’s note, 1/16/2017:  In light of the sudden death of my co-editor and friend JM, I plan to go back and bring some of his greatest articles up to the front.  His last full post, reproduced below, contains a lot of his practical wisdom & wit. Re-reading it reminded me of what a great citizen & thinker we’ve lost.  I’ve put some of  JM’s most profound sections in bold for those who like to save time:

(11/7/2016, Los Alamitos)  by J M Ivler: (bolding added)  It is NOT in LosAlNews’ purview to tell you HOW to vote. While the people who post here have a various number of opinions on who they will be voting for, and have even shared those opinions, it’s YOUR vote and it does count.Vote sign

Yes, the top-of-the-ticket has been an ugly mess. More people are voting “against” one candidate or the other than “for” a candidate that they would actually like to have running the country. The campaigns have been ugly throughout the entire Primary process and into the General election. Even when you think the campaigns can’t get any further into the gutter, they found ways to do so.

The number of times I have heard “well I’m voting for this candidate because I will do anything to stop that candidate from winning.” is past triple digits. The number of times I have heard “lesser evil” is a multiple of that.

So, rather than wade into that mess my goal here is to get you focused on the fact that there are a great many reasons to go to the polls and vote, other than the mess at the top-of-the-ticket.

In fact, I will go so far as to say that you can skip almost all the partisan contests on your ballot because you really know nothing about any of the candidates running other than the winner will be from part of the duopoly. Really, one debate between the candidates for Senate to represent the entire State of California? No debates for the House or Assembly? Do you really know where any of them stand, what they stand for and what policies they will implement in your name?

But down the ballot there are some things worthy of you taking the time to fill it out. Continue reading

Special Los Al Council Meeting at 5 Monday, 4/13


This afternoon the Los Alamitos City Council will take a detailed look at the Los Al Police Budget, about a third of the total City Budget.

(Los Alamitos, 4/13/2015) This afternoon Los Alamitos’ City Council continues their detailed Department by Department budget analysis with a couple added bonuses:

  1. Action on a staff recommendation to oppose AB 1217, a state law that would reduce the representation of smaller cities like Los Alamitos, Cypress, La Palma and Seal Beach on the Orange County Fire Authority.
  2. Another closed session at the end, focused on
    1. Labor negotiations with the City Clerk
    2. Consultation with the City Attorney about anticipated litigation.

Mayor pro tem Edgar, who is in Texas today, will  Continue reading

HG: You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me!


Steve Martel, speaking at a September, 2012 “Town Hall on Sharia…” in Mission Viejo. Marc Elliott photo

(Rossmoor/Rossmoor Highlands, Los Alamitos 4/2/2015)  As our Thursday columnist notes at the end of today’s column, he wasn’t there for the presentaion.  If you were, or know somebody who was, your perspective and reporting via a diplomatic, fact based comment would be appreiated.

by “Highlands Guy:”   The headline of the ad on LATV3 read (something like) “Muslim Brotherhood’s Stealth Jihad in America,” all brought to you by our friends and neighbors in the Rossmoor-Los Alamitos Republican Women Federated.

The flyer on the group’s website notes, ‘It’s happening in Europe, can it happen in America?’. In highlighted type they note, ‘You don’t want to miss this Meeting!’ I must say that it did catch my eye. Kind of like when you pass a crash on the freeway and can’t pass it up without looking at it, at least a tad.

The guy giving the talk was Steve Martel. They advertised him as a Continue reading

H G: How Do Other Guys Do It?

A quiet wilderness just a half hour away.

No matter where our Thursday Columnist is, he’s reminded of Los Alamitos.

(Los Alamitos, 1/8/2015 by Highlands Guy:  About 20 minutes to touch down, finally, after hours of being scrunched and jostled by fellow passengers. Seeing our destination through the clouds I thought I was just beginning to relax and leave the thoughts of Los Al happenings behind.

But no, as much as I try to suppress it, my brain keeps seeing relationships between how we do it here and how it’s done in other locales. And unfortunately, during a Christmas party, a relative introduced me to her good friend, who is a long time local office holder.

Right away I was thinking of what things might be the same, and how they differ from back in little Los Alamitos. Perhaps I could glean some insight that could be reinterpreted to the OC.

Like everywhere else on the planet, the money available for public projects, never seems to be enough to accomplish everyone’s goals. So sometimes it Continue reading

Last minute Cypress, Los Alamitos, West OC election info:

The Los Alamitos/Rossmoor Fire Station will be open from 9 - 2.

This election’s very important locally. This post makes it easy for you to do your part.

updated 8:30 pm (West Orange County, CA, Monday, 11/3/2014)  There are several important issues on local West OC ballots that could affect our quality of life for years to come. (More on that “below the fold”)  Please make it a priority to be informed and to vote.  This post is designed to make that as easy as possible.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Vote by mail ballots must be received at the Registrar of Voter’s office or any OC polling place by 8 pm Tuesday, 11/4/2014.  If they go out with today’s mail you’ll probably be fine.  If you want someone else to deliver yours to a polling place, be sure to complete and sign the relevent box on the outside of the envelope.  (If you already mailed in your ballot, you can click here to see if it’s been received & counted.)
  • Polling places are open from 7 am – 8 pm Tuesday. Lines shouldn’t be a problem, but tend to be shorter mid day.
  • Click here to find your polling place.

Now about those issues so critical to Los Alamitos, Cypress, Rossmoor, and Orange County’s future:   Continue reading