Truck owners alert: Rash of tailgate thefts & what to do

:(Los Alamitos, 1/20/2017)  by Dave Emerson:   In the last few days there has been a rash of truck tailgates being stolen in the Los Alamitos area.

The problem is that most tailgates are designed to be quickly removed.  Javier Mejia, Vice Chair of Los Al’s Traffic Commission (& Los Al News reader), recommends a Tailgate Lock.  (Click here for a Master Tailgate Lock available from Amazon for $15.85 with free 1 day shipping for Prime members.)  These locks are designed to prevent removal of the tailgate, but still allow normal opening and closing of the tailgate.

According to Javier, this is becoming a nationwide problem.  Additional solutions are described in this updated post from the Crime Prevention Guy.


Cypress, Los Alamitos, Rossmoor, Seal Beach Election results

(11/8/2016) by Dave Emerson:  [updated at 12:55 AM by JM Ivler]

NO on GG wins by over 2% [371 votes].

Los Alamitos City Council: Meet our new and old City Council members. Josh Wilson and Richard Murphy.

LAUSD. All incumbents won.

Seal Beach District 2: 1.8% difference. 36 votes. Tell me again how your vote doesn’t count… Moore over Winkler
Seal Beach District 4: Sustarsic over Phillips (not even close) 69.8 to 30.2

City of Cypress City Council: Johnson and Yarc stay (weren’t they “Yes on GG”?)

RCSD: No changes in leadership. Kalish came in close losing by 78 votes and 0.9% for position four out of three. Better luck next time.


10 pm:  No new precincts reporting for Cypress or Los Al. . . results coming in more slowly.  As of 9:30 GG had slightly expanded it’s lead after the first of 32 Cypress precincts had reported in.  We are also adding the Los Al and Cypress School Board Races,as well as updating the Council races

This is also a place for local residents to discuss the results of these and other local races, in the comments section below.  Please observe our policy of keeping comments and language relatively civil, dag nab it!

Click here if you want to check on our projections and how to interpret the initial results.

Click here if you want to go directly to the Registrar of Voter’s results pages.

9:30 pm results: GG’s lead growing:

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Important Public Hearing on MultiFamily Moritorium at Cypress City Council Monday (9/28)

us flag

Cypress’ resident George Pardon urges residents to let their voice be heard, as a unanimous vote will be required Monday night.

(Cypress, 9/25/2015) It looks like the voice of the people is being heard loud and clear at Cypress City Hall.  This just in from Cypress resident and Council-watcher George Pardon:

Please attend Monday’s meeting and let the City Council know your position on the proposed moratorium on new multi-family housing in office and commercial zones.


Here is the link to Monday’s City Council Meeting: Continue reading

2016 Harvest Crusade kicks off tonight at Angel Stadium & online


They’re back!

(Anaheim, 8/28/2015)  The 26th annual So Cal/OC Harvest Crusade begins at 7 tonight and runs through this weekend.  Pastor Greg Laurie’s focus this year includes Biblical keys to happiness.

As always, there will be a clear presentation of the good news of God’s love for you and me  that’s geared for skeptic and believer alike, alogn with some of the best contemporary Christian music around.

Musical guests this year include Phil Wickham nightly,  plus Third Day and Citizens & Saints tonight (Friday), Lecrae & Lacy Strum on Saturday, and Jeremy Camp & the Harvest Worship Band on Sunday.

Admission is free, parking is $15 (less at nearby private lots). Best but not necessary to arrive early.  Saturday’s usually geared a bit more towards those under 25, Sunday’s a bit more for all ages.  Every night will also be streamed live at beginning at 7 each night (click “watch live” banner, beginning at 7 pm each night), and broadcast on KFSH-FM (95.9) and Continue reading

Council faces “soul searching” on Crossfit zoning enforcement Monday night

Los Alamitos' Planning Commissioners met 15 times in 2014 as they wrapped up their work on the General Plan Update.

Will Los Alamitos’ Council defeat a Crossfit Appeal the Planning Commission accepted?

(Los Alamitos, 8/23/2015) Looks like a real Crossfit Fight is on Monday night’s Los Alamitos’ City Council  Agenda on August 24.  The Council will conduct 3 meetings, including two in less than half an hour (from 5:30 to 6:00), but the real fireworks may not come until item 9B of the 6 pm Regular Meeting.

That’s when the Council will review the Planing Commission’s June reversal of Development Diretor Steven Mendoza’s May decision that the Crossfit business on Portal Drive in Los Alamitos had to abide by the zoning code and restore the business to its originally permitted configuration, replacing a wall that had been illegally removed and  also Continue reading

LosAlTV, bond spending, “new” Chief on Tuesday’s Los Alamitos City Council Agenda

March Madness comes to Los Alamitos' City Council this weekend?
New Police Chief coming? What to spend $900,000 on? What to do with LosAlTV3? All on Tuesday's Council Agenda!

New Police Chief coming? What to spend $900,000 on? What to do with LosAlTV3? All on Tuesday’s Council Agenda!

(Los Alamitos, 7/17/2015)  The Agenda & links to attachments for this Tuesday’s 6 pm Los Alamitos City Council Meeting is presented below and also available here online.

It starts with the Pledge & a prayer, then moves to  4 special presentations including one to Support Services Manager Cassandra Palmer’s retirment after 17 years here, and another to the Los Al Stampede for winning Tournament Champions at Cooperstown’s All Star Village Baseball Park.

In also includes 10 consent items, 6 discussion items (including the coming retirement of Police Chief Todd Mattern), and an ordinance to expand the Cable TV Commission to 7 voting Members.

Cable TV is also one of the discussion items as the Council receives recommendations from a somewhat controversial study by Skyline Mediacast Productions, a group that didn’t really seem on top of their game in an earlier presentaion to the Council.   We may dedicate a separate report to that in the next day or two, but you can click the links in the Agenda below to further explore any item. Continue reading