Cypress Council: $330K for Race Track “Vision?”

(Cypress, CA, 2/25/2017)   [Editor’s Note:  There are at least two causes for concern about Cypress’ City Manager’s proposal:  1) Is it a good use of taxpayer money, which George Pardon addresses first.  2)  Under what conditions might it be a good use of taxpayer money?  & 3) What should be the City’s goals for such a study, both of which I will address at the end of George’s article.]

1.  Is this a good use of taxpayer money?

By George Pardon:  At this Monday’s Cypress City Council Meeting (2/27/2017)  Agenda Item 9 under New Business proposes spending $330,000 of the City’s money to develop a vision for the future development of the race track property.

When the school district sought a zone change to rezone MacKay School and the District Office, the city didn’t pay for it.  Most recently, the city has asked two developers to propose plans for the city’s 13 acre site but the city isn’t paying for it.

While there might be some value in the city taking the lead on how the race track property should be developed in the future, the implication is that the city and the residents didn’t provide any input into the last process.  Just like the city takes the lead on Environmental Impact Reports, the property owner reimburses the city.  After all, who is the primary financial beneficiary of the rezoning of the property if not the property owner?

If the city has an extra $330,000 to spend, maybe they need to hear from the residents as to how they think it should be spent.

One statement in the agenda item may indicate the catalyst behind this push by the city to have this property rezoned: Continue reading

Cypress Measure GG: No free park?!

(Cypress, CA, 10/18/2015)  By George PardonA free park? Think twice before you swallow this hook.

Nowhere in the Measure GG initiative does it say that the race track is going to donate the 20.7 acre park area to the City of Cypress. While Measure GG restricts the zoning on the 20.7 acres, all of the race track property currently allows a park as a permitted use. Maybe the race track will donate the property to the city or maybe they will sell it to the city or?

The initiative does allow for a performing arts center to be built on this ‘park’ property with a conditional use permit. Again, the initiative doesn’t say the 20.7 acres ‘park’ property will be a donation to the city. It could be a small park with the rest sold off to a developer to build a performing arts center.

It’s time to vote. Why isn’t the initiative more specific on such an important issue to the residents? It’s interesting to see all the projects that the property owners chose to put in the initiative but then chose not indicate they were going to donate the 20.7 acre ‘park’ property to the city.

Also, a number of people have indicated they didn’t know that Measure GG rezones more than just the race track and golf course property. Here is a breakdown of the property proposed for rezoning: Continue reading

Wildlife, traffic & senior concerns about Barton Place Seniors’ Project

Details on Monday's meeting

Will building on a mud zone for migrating geese remove them from Cypress skies?

 (Los Alamitos/Cypress, 3/30/2015) by Dave Emerson and Lois Waddle:  Tomorrow (Tuesday, 3/31)  is the last day for local residents, communities, and businesses to submit concerns to be addressed in the Environmental Inpact Report for Barton Place, the proposed Senior Housing & retail complex on Cypress’ infamous 33 acres bodering Katella and Enterprise.

Most local residents are supportive of the current proposal, especially now that the five story appartment complex has been replaced with senior owned residences.  There are at least three areas of concern remaining, which hopefully can be addressed and mitigated during the EIR process:

Wildlife wetlands habitat:

From a letter by open space and wildlife activist Lois Waddle:  I am writing to document and explain the loss of the wetland’s wildlife habitat that will occur if the 33 acre Barton Place development is built on Katella Ave. Hapitually, during the rainy season in the winter, Canadian geese fly into this site in ‘wedges’ of 40 to 70 strong. They seek shelter, food, and sun. But, specifically, they seek the ‘mud’. Continue reading

All “Consent Calendar” Cypress Council Meeting this Monday, July 14, 2014!

Cypress City Hall

(Cypress, 7/13/2014)  17 numbered agenda items on Monday’s 7 pm Cypress City Council Meeting, and every one of them fast-tracked on the Consent Calendar for no discussion passage all with one vote!

As Monday’s Cypress City Council Agenda puts it:

All matters listed on the Consent Calendar are to be approved with one motion unless a member of the Council requests separate action on a specific item. Ordinances on the Consent Calendar should be read by title only prior to taking any action.

If it weren’t for Oral Communications, the Swearing in of new City Manager Peter Grant, and the closing “Items from City Council Members” and from the new City Manager, the whole meeting could be over in about three minutes!

Among those items that don’t even require discussion is adoption of a resolutions in support of this November’s MacKay and District Office Rezoning Initiative Measures, an initiative that 25 year Cypress resident George Pardon says puts the Cypress School Board into the property management and investment business rather than pay down expensive bonds.  (See “Cypress Council puts school sites on ballot”, by George Pardon).

But wait, there’s more:   Continue reading

Trash & removing more land from Measure D “Open Space” protections on Cypress City Council Agendas for Monday, June 23, 2014

Cypress City Hall

Has the Cypress City Council ever seen a ballot measure to reduce Measure D’s protections they haven’t unanimously approved?

(Cypress, California, 6/22/2014)  from an e-mail by Cypress resident George Pardon:

Here is the link to this Monday’s Cypress City Council meeting.

Note that there is a 5:30 workshop that will present a compliance report on the services that have been provided by our current trash hauler, Republic Services.

Also, note in consent calendar item 5 that the City Council is voting to include the Mackay and School District Office measures on the November ballot [to remove them from Measure D’s protections as Public/Semi Public/Open Space zones for development].

One of the resolutions, directs the City Attorney to Continue reading

Cypress City Council Meeting tonight proposes 74 homes on school land

Cypress City Hall

But should the taxpayers have to pay for them twice?

(Cypress, 5/27/2014)  Once again, the Cypress City Council is proposing referendums to remove land from Measure D’s Open Space (public/semi-public) protection.

At least this time the money will go to the Cypress Elementary School District.

We’ll let our Cypress residents report the details on tonight’s meeting.  First, a summary from an e-mail from George Pardon, forwarded by Bob Render:

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, the Cypress City Council meeting will be on Tuesday, May 27 at 7 PM.  There are three items of significant interest:

Continue reading