Truck owners alert: Rash of tailgate thefts & what to do

:(Los Alamitos, 1/20/2017)  by Dave Emerson:   In the last few days there has been a rash of truck tailgates being stolen in the Los Alamitos area.

The problem is that most tailgates are designed to be quickly removed.  Javier Mejia, Vice Chair of Los Al’s Traffic Commission (& Los Al News reader), recommends a Tailgate Lock.  (Click here for a Master Tailgate Lock available from Amazon for $15.85 with free 1 day shipping for Prime members.)  These locks are designed to prevent removal of the tailgate, but still allow normal opening and closing of the tailgate.

According to Javier, this is becoming a nationwide problem.  Additional solutions are described in this updated post from the Crime Prevention Guy.


I Hear There’s a New Lawman in Town: Thoughts on Chief Mattern’s retirement

Los Alamitos’ Police Chief Todd Mattern’s (right) upcoming retirement sparks some controversial thoughts from our Thursday columnist

Once again our Thursday columnist addresses an important issue nobody else has the Chutzpa to talk about.  (And once again your humble editor was too busy entertaining out of town family to get this post up on time.) 

by Highlands Guy:  It is important to thank outgoing Chief, Todd Mattern, for his years of service to Los Alamitos and the surrounding communities. He and his people kept us pretty darn safe even as we felt the negative impacts over the years of an increase in businesses on our borders, more traffic passing through our neighborhoods, and the violence that is pandemic in major population centers around the country.  His department has been the one thing we could count on over the years to always be there for us.

I now hear there’s going to be a new LAPD head guy in our future and so, with this in mind, I thought I would offer a few thoughts to welcome in this new era in the city’s history.

Please note that I fully realize that it is bad form to say anything Continue reading

LosAlTV, bond spending, “new” Chief on Tuesday’s Los Alamitos City Council Agenda

March Madness comes to Los Alamitos' City Council this weekend?
New Police Chief coming? What to spend $900,000 on? What to do with LosAlTV3? All on Tuesday's Council Agenda!

New Police Chief coming? What to spend $900,000 on? What to do with LosAlTV3? All on Tuesday’s Council Agenda!

(Los Alamitos, 7/17/2015)  The Agenda & links to attachments for this Tuesday’s 6 pm Los Alamitos City Council Meeting is presented below and also available here online.

It starts with the Pledge & a prayer, then moves to  4 special presentations including one to Support Services Manager Cassandra Palmer’s retirment after 17 years here, and another to the Los Al Stampede for winning Tournament Champions at Cooperstown’s All Star Village Baseball Park.

In also includes 10 consent items, 6 discussion items (including the coming retirement of Police Chief Todd Mattern), and an ordinance to expand the Cable TV Commission to 7 voting Members.

Cable TV is also one of the discussion items as the Council receives recommendations from a somewhat controversial study by Skyline Mediacast Productions, a group that didn’t really seem on top of their game in an earlier presentaion to the Council.   We may dedicate a separate report to that in the next day or two, but you can click the links in the Agenda below to further explore any item. Continue reading

HG: Los Al PD budget: I’m touching it with a ten foot pole


HG asks some questions apparently too tough for the City Council

(Los Alamitos, 4/23/2015) Note:  This topic is so delicate I have to remind you that our Thursday columns represent the views of our Thursday columnist, not necessarily that of the editors.  That said, it’s hard to question that our Highlands Guy is doing the City a service by asking questions that apparently were too hot for any City Couincil Member

by Highlands Guy:  I must admit that this is not an easy subject to broach. Not because of its complexities, but because of, if you will, the touchiness of the constituencies.

Please note that my approach should not be taken as a view of the LAPD, but only as a tax payer, trying to understand the various moving parts of a city department. Although I understand the reluctance of our elected officials to dig deeply and ask the hard, in depth questions, they must, in the final analysis be held accountable and present justification for the spending of every tax dollar.

Unasked questions:

Much of the Special Los Alamitos City Council Meeting on April 13 focused on the Los Alamitos Police Department budget.  Most impressive to me was Continue reading

Cypress Police Chief to retire to help her husband battle cancer

Are big changes coming to our "Mayberry?"

Cypress’ Chief of Police Jackie Gomez-Whiteley

(Cypress, CA 3/10/2015)  Cypress Chief of Police Jackie Gomez-Whitely announced with regret yesterday that she will retire effective March 16, 2015 to support her husband in his difficult battle with cancer.  Acting Police Chief Rod Cox, a 24 year veteran of the Cypress Police department, will serve as Interim Police Chief.

Chief Gomez-Whitely, who grew up in Cypress, described her last four years as Chief of Police as “an extrordinary journey.”

In a prepared statement, Cypress’ retiring Chief continued, ” I am sad to report Continue reading

Complete Text of President Obama’s statement regarding the Ferguson verdict

Are big changes coming to our "Mayberry?"

Last night our President made several important points. His statement is worth reading in its entirity.

(Los Alamitos, CA, 11/25/2014, bolding added) Here is President Obama’s address to the nation made last night shortly after it was announced that Ferguson, Mo., Officer Darren Wilson would not be criminally charged on any counts in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown:

THE PRESIDENT: As you know, a few moments ago, the grand jury deliberating the death of Michael Brown issued its decision. It’s an outcome that, either way, was going to be subject of intense disagreement not only in Ferguson, but across America. So I want to just say a few words suggesting how we might move forward.

First and foremost, we are a nation built on the rule of law. And so we need to accept that this decision was the grand jury’s to make. There are Americans who agree with it, and there are Americans who are deeply disappointed, even angry. It’s an

Michael Brown, Sr. and Lesley McSpadden

understandable reaction. But I join Michael’s parents in asking anyone who protests this decision to do so peacefully. Let me repeat Michael’s father’s words: “Hurting others or destroying property is not the answer. No matter what the grand jury decides, I do not want my son’s death to be in vain. I want it to lead to incredible change, positive change, change that makes the St. Louis region better for everyone.” Michael Brown’s parents have lost more than anyone. We should Continue reading