Budget & Trash: Your reporting and comments on tonight’s Los Alamitos City Council Meeting (6/16/2014)

What did you notice?

(6/16/2014, Los Alamitos, CA)  Once again it’s your turn to learn from your neighbors what went on and what decisions were made at tonight’s monthly Los Alamitos City Council Meeting.

Provided some of you tell us (diplomatically, of course) what you saw and what you thought about tonight’s meeting.

For our brief report on the Agenda with links, click here.

To report what you saw, whether  in person or on LosAlTV3 or links to other sites covering the meeting, or to see what others reported, click the “continue reading” link.   Thanks!

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2 Responses to Budget & Trash: Your reporting and comments on tonight’s Los Alamitos City Council Meeting (6/16/2014)

  1. jm ivler (As Admin) says:

    The following was sent via e-mail

    There were a few presentations and then oral communications began with Lois Waddle who is in support of the PEG fees and support of Los Alamitos television.

    • Expenditures were passed with no discussion.
    • No pulled items on consent calendar moved and seconded, unanimous vote.
    • Next item was a public hearing on the budget.
    • Edgar wanted to (and did) pull item 10B and table it.
    • Then the staff report on the budget. Glen Steinbeck gave the report. He made a correction to the public outreach for the downtown project is not $100,000 it is $40,000.
    • He also said he wanted to add to prepay the employees retirement now. If the city prepays they get a 3.66 % discount on the payment. The total is $860,000. This will add a $30-$40,000 savings if they prepay it instead of paying monthly.
    • JM spoke during the public comment. About why would we be spending money on a downtown when the city needs a phone system? He does not support spending money on studying the use of the base for a City Hall or the downtown. He supports money for a new phone system.
      Then the council discussed the prepayment policy for the employer share of retirement to the employees. Our unfunded liability is 3.2 million.
    • It was unanimous to go with the prepayment
    • Then they discussed some Park improvements. Public works wants to switch all the woodchips to rubberized surface for the Park playground areas.
      More about that on a future agenda.
    • It was a unanimous vote to accept the budget as proposed.
  2. Kudos, mostly says:

    I had two major take-aways from last night’s budget meeting. The first is that I am happy to see that the majority of the council is now taking a more comprehensive view of the impact of their budget vote. Discussions, and the reasoning behind their votes, included comments related to real outcomes from past budgets as well as possible near-future city changes affecting the monies allocated in this budget.

    Kudos also are in order, since this is the first time I’ve seen a concerted council effort to bring in the realities of our unfunded liabilities and the effects of the public employees retirement program (CalPERS). This is the type of program that has brought down city after city throughout the country.

    On the negative side, I saw less than a handful of our friends and neighbors in the audience, and only two commenting from the podium, during such an impactful meeting. I suppose that means that we trust them explicitly and that we’ve lost our right to complain since we didn’t take the time to show up.

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