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Formerly letsfixlosal

Why the new name? When Dave Emerson decided to run for City Council he started a blog that went with his campaign theme. At the time the City of Los Alamitos was a somewhat dysfunctional City Government. A divided City Council that was more interested in politics and running the second smallest city in Orange County like a fiefdom with an oppressive majority looking out for the “good old boys network” rather than a city seeking to make the lives of the residents better. Dave wanted to fix that and thought that “we could all do it by working together.”

Well, it’s been a few years since letsfixlosal.com has been around providing news, opinion and in some cases even breaking stories that have been picked up by The Orange County Register. And while all that has been going on, there has been a series of changes in the politics of the city that have well, “fixed” a great deal of the problems that existed.

The first hints of making this name change started in June of 2013 when Dave mentioned it to some of the other authors who post here (JM, Highlands Guy, etc.). It sounded like a good idea and so plans were made, but moving a blog is a big challenge and with everything else that was cooking in the city, it just kept on getting put off.

The site looked a great deal like:


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But, if you will look closely at that image you will notice that it looks like the old letsfixlosal site, but it really isn’t. How can that be? Well someone decided that they wanted to confuse Los Alamitos readers so they copied the look and feel of letsfixlosal and then started to post stories (many in violation of the original authors copyrights) and used anonymous comments on those stories to attack people. If that sounds familiar to Los Alamitos residents, yes it is the old CPLA crowd who have lied about people in the last three elections. They are updating their old tricks with new ones for the digital age. For more on this story, see Lowlife’s in Los Al.

So, with Dave already decided,  it was time to stop procrastinating and just “do it.” So, over the weekend of Feb 21-23, 2014 we made the change.

Is this still “Dave Emerson’s blog”? Well, it has grown into a bit more than that. Dave is still deeply involved, but today there are at least five other people who are either Authors or Contributors. JM Ivler is managing the site from a technical perspective selecting the new ISP and managing most of the WordPress application that runs the site as well as ownership of the domain name. Each Author or Contributor is responsible for the content that they post, and while some are more active than others, LosAlNews is more of a group project now rather than the efforts of a single person.

Everything grows and changes. We hope you like the changes to the site, and we will continue to provide you with  news and information about Los Alamitos and the surrounding communities you can use. No tricks. No lies. We’ll leave that to the CPLA folk.

~ The LosAlNews Team.

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