4 more weeks of thoroughbred racing slated for Los Alamitos

(Los Alamitos, 4/23/2014) On Monday our JM Ivler noted the City of Cypress effort to fast-track the Race Course’s request to add eight additional barns with 234 new stalls (See “We are only extending the Track”).

On Tuesday the California Horse Racing Board added  a briefing on the transfer of the Fairplex Park’s four weeks of Thoroughbred racing to Los Alamitos, beginning this fall.

The racing has run concurrent with the Los Angeles County Fair, which runs from August 29 through September 28 this year, and would be in addition to three weeks planned for July and two for December this year.

According to the L.A. County Fair’s CEO, “With the limitations of our facility, we made a strategic decision for the continued growth of the industry to reach out to Los Alamitos and seek to move our dates to their facility.”

Fairplex’s spokesman, Michael Chee, indicated the need for upgrades at Fairplex “has been an ongoing issue for years.”  With Los Al’s recent renovations and expansion,  it’s now “actually a better quality facility, which will attract a “higher level of thoroughbred horses,” according to Chee.

A good thing. . . 

From a traffic perspective, the addition of what amounts to 11 additional days of thoroughbred racing in August and September is   probably not that big of a deal since the races would end after evening rush hour, and be followed immediately on most nights by quarterhorse racing intended to keep fans around even longer.  It’s the four December weekday race dates that present the greatest traffic challenges, since they would end shortly before dusk, in the midst of the evening rush hour.

The hope would be that this would add to the Race Track’s viability for years to come, although Track Owner Dr. Ed Allred has told me he expects the track to be closed down once his involvement ceases.

. . . if Lexington is completed

In any case, this would present an additional opportunity for Cypress and Los Alamitos residents to request that the completion of Lexington as a four lane roadway north of Cottonwood’s property to Cerritos Ave.  This would not only assist with the additional traffic more races and more horses create, but would also fulfill a long term commitment that was made when Cottonwood Church was built.

Click here for the Daily Racing Form’s Monday evening report on the agreement between Fairplex and Los Alamitos Race Course.

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2 Responses to 4 more weeks of thoroughbred racing slated for Los Alamitos

  1. JM Ivler says:

    Only a limited number of days… Nothing more than expanding the track…

    After a while you have to wonder who’s in on the lying. Is it just the LARC? Are Cypress City Staff? Is it the Cypress City Council? If the residents of Cypress and Los Al were able to determine that there was going to be a need for more stalls based on the published reports, then why couldn’t the people in the business of running the LARC see it? Or the City Staff? Or the Cypress City Council?

    Drip, drip, drip… They said they were going to take an inch, but lokkie lookie, they took a mile and then some barns and some more race dates and…

  2. los al resident says:

    Boy, I hate it when you and Dave are always right!!!

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