LosAlTV, bond spending, “new” Chief on Tuesday’s Los Alamitos City Council Agenda

New Police Chief coming? What to spend $900,000 on? What to do with LosAlTV3? All on Tuesday's Council Agenda!

New Police Chief coming? What to spend $900,000 on? What to do with LosAlTV3? All on Tuesday’s Council Agenda!

(Los Alamitos, 7/17/2015)  The Agenda & links to attachments for this Tuesday’s 6 pm Los Alamitos City Council Meeting is presented below and also available here online.

It starts with the Pledge & a prayer, then moves to  4 special presentations including one to Support Services Manager Cassandra Palmer’s retirment after 17 years here, and another to the Los Al Stampede for winning Tournament Champions at Cooperstown’s All Star Village Baseball Park.

In also includes 10 consent items, 6 discussion items (including the coming retirement of Police Chief Todd Mattern), and an ordinance to expand the Cable TV Commission to 7 voting Members.

Cable TV is also one of the discussion items as the Council receives recommendations from a somewhat controversial study by Skyline Mediacast Productions, a group that didn’t really seem on top of their game in an earlier presentaion to the Council.   We may dedicate a separate report to that in the next day or two, but you can click the links in the Agenda below to further explore any item. Continue reading

Some Fiscal Year Leftovers

Our Thursday columnist & his neighbors have a suggestion box full of items for Los Alamitos’ leaders on a variety of topics.

(Los Alamitos, 7/8/2015 expanded and updated 7/13/2015) by Highlands Guy: I ask your indulgence this week. Time constraints at the end of my personal fiscal year always puts me behind schedule. And the stuff I offer today did not rise high enough on the list to warrant a bunch of time, at least for a while. But that doesn’t mean these things don’t matter, they just have to get in line. Some have bugged me for a while, some have been brought up by neighbors, and some are emerging quality of local life kinds of issues. I don’t want to waste your time so let’s get right to it.

■ There is an advertisement for a cleaning service that has been parked at about the same spot on Los Alamitos Blvd, 24/7, for months now. I know you’ve seen it. The multicolored van is detracting from my quality of life. Seems to me that they must be breaking some municipal or vehicle code. Are you telling me even Los Al’s finest are impotent to do something about it?

■ Whether it’s new windows, or a new coat of paint, and now exacerbated by the plastic grass (which Continue reading

4th of July Fireworks at the Base

(7/4/2015, Los Alamitos) Lots going on today at the big Fireworks & 4th of July Celebration at the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base.  It should be noted that this year many of the firework shells will be bigger and fly higher on a trial basis.

The gates open at 4, with $5 per car parking & ID required for every adult entering the base.  Food trucks, exibitors, bounce houses and more will be available, with a band concert featuring patriotic music starting at 7:30 pm. and the fireworks at 9 sharp.

Info and a survey from tonight’s show will be used by the Los Alamitos City Council as they consider concerns of some community residents relating to the Base’s decision to relocate the fireworks  from Continue reading

Excuse me, that’s almost $1,000,000 you’re talking about

HG gives his first hand view of Los Alamitos City Council’s Tuesday night special meeting on possibly taking on $900,000 of new debt

(Los Alamitos, 6/25/2015)  This is our third article on the almost million dollar decision Los Alamitos’ City Council discussed at their Special Meeting on Tuesday night.  So far I haven’t found any coverage of it at all in any other online, print, or other media.  That’s not just sad. . . it’s dangerous!

Our Thursday columnist takes a decidedly different view of Tuesday’s meeting than I did in my Wednesday post, “Los Alamitos City Council considers options for $900,000,  but focuses more on what I explored in my pre-meeting post last weekend, What should Los Alamitos do with an extra $900,000? 

by Highlands Guy:  Once the city staff member brought up the possibility of taking out some cash via the proposed refi of the Laurel Park loan, the vultures swopped in with their talons at the ready (Yeah I guess that’s a bit dramatic, but I it does spice up the conversation a bit).

The ideas of where to put this over $900,000 “windfall” and “slush fund” (as heard at the June 23 council meeting) are all over the board. Among the many projects mentioned were: Continue reading

City Council considering options for that $900,000

The meeting was moved, one member teleconferenced it in, but a lot of progress appears to have been made last night.

(Los Alamitos, 6/24/2015)  At last night’s City Council meeting, everyone agreed it was at least worth investigating ways to spend an estimated $900,000 the City might be able to borrow in the process of refinancing the Laurel Park Loan.

Mayor Murphy emphasized the importance the importance of leveraging   the borrowed money to get as much grant money as possible.   Great idea, but that could be challenging given the conflicting time constraints of most grants (1-3 years out) and the requirement for spending the money within three years.

They gave it to us once. . . and we declined. . . Continue reading

What should Los Alamitos do with an extra $900,000?

Can savings from refinancing Laurel park become seed money for Los Al’s future?

(Los Alamitos, 6/21/2015)  If you live, work, play, or worship in Los Alamitos, you might be interested  in this coming Tuesday evening’s 5:30 Special Los Alamitos City Council Meeting (details at the end of this article).  Because the Council will be considering how to best take advantage of a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity afforded by current low interests.

The Council needs to make a quick decision on what to do with the fruits of a pending refinance of the almost three million dollar balance left on the City’s 2006 loan to purchase Laurel Park from the School District.

The City is seeking to take advantage of the current low interest rates before they go up much more, as is widely anticipated.

If I’m reading the Agenda Report (click & scroll down past the agenda) correctly, here’s the deal:  At current market rates,  Los Alamitos could save $21,000 a year for the next 21 years by refinancing the current loan balance for the existing 21 year term at current rates.

However, the City also has an option of  using the savings towards Continue reading