A Local Challenge – No Water Bucket Needed

We all remember the ALS water bucket challenge. Well this is California. We have a drought. So that is out. But a local non-profit has come up with a better idea.


Whip Cream Challenge for Kids. Reddi, Wip!

It should be stated that this idea came from and 11 year old girl, Cassy Lehecka to support our very own Los Alamitos Youth Center.

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HG: Los Al PD budget: I’m touching it with a ten foot pole

HG asks some questions apparently too tough for the City Council

(Los Alamitos, 4/23/2015) Note:  This topic is so delicate I have to remind you that our Thursday columns represent the views of our Thursday columnist, not necessarily that of the editors.  That said, it’s hard to question that our Highlands Guy is doing the City a service by asking questions that apparently were too hot for any City Couincil Member

by Highlands Guy:  I must admit that this is not an easy subject to broach. Not because of its complexities, but because of, if you will, the touchiness of the constituencies.

Please note that my approach should not be taken as a view of the LAPD, but only as a tax payer, trying to understand the various moving parts of a city department. Although I understand the reluctance of our elected officials to dig deeply and ask the hard, in depth questions, they must, in the final analysis be held accountable and present justification for the spending of every tax dollar.

Unasked questions:

Much of the Special Los Alamitos City Council Meeting on April 13 focused on the Los Alamitos Police Department budget.  Most impressive to me was Continue reading

Los Al Council questions & tables historical designation for Museum

The Council had a few questions they needed answered before approving the Museum’s application for a historical plaque.

(Los Alamitos, 4/22/2015) In what one observer described as a “pretty dull meeting,” Los Alamitos’ City Council passed everything on their agenda with one exception (click here for our pre-meeting agenda post, “Parking meters, more on Council Agenda”).

That exception was the Consent Calendar item for the Council to approve the Los Alamitos Museum’s application for a Historical Designation Plaque from the Orange County Historical Commission.  The City’s approval is required for the application process to proceed.

The Museum, housed in the historical old fire station, has been owned and operated by the City since July 28, 1975, so it will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this July.  However,  Continue reading

Parking Meters, more on Monday, 4/20/2015 Los Alamitos City Council Agenda

After months of study, parking meters may soon be coming to the area around the Medical Center.

(Los Alamitos, 4/19/2015)  Monday’s Regular City Council Meeting has a relatively light agenda, but one of the consent  calendar sheds some light on the challenges and opportunities of the parking meter proposal that the Council is considering to help fund the 2015-16 calendar year budget.

The Background section of the 20 page Agenda Report on the Scope of Services for the Meters indicates the rationale for the program, which is being considered for the Old Town East and Medical Center areas:

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HG: The Democratic Process: It’s yours, why not use it?

HG says the three tools of direct democracy can be applied at the City and County level.

(Los Alamitos, 4/16/2015)  by Highlands Guy:   There are three highly effective political processes that are used at the California State level, but are rarely seen in little places like Los Alamitos.

Is there something you would like to see implemented that could increase the quality of civic life in Los Alamitos? Is there something you would like to have eliminated that could have the same effect? Do you continually find yourself at odds with one of the fine folks on the Council dais?

Under State regulations the initiative, the referendum, and the recall, can be effective tools for voters to implement change. These processes are most often seen at the County and State levels, but are available to the voters in tiny places like Los Alamitos also. You don’t need Continue reading

Los Alamitos Blvd. closed today 10:30 – 1:00 for mock “fatal” accident

Los Alamitos Senior Jennifer Ottman “died” at the scene of the school’s 2013 “once every 15 minutes” program

(4/16/2015, Los Alamitos, CA)  This one sounds like it will be the biggest yet.  Fire Department.  Jaws of life,  Emergency helicopter landing.

All hopefully to save kids’ lives.

This year, to accommodate the additional emergency equipment, the bi-annual event had been moved off campus onto the Los Alamitos Blvd.  It will take place today during the High School’s lunch period (11:48-12:30), but Los Al Blvd will be closed from Cerritos Ave. north bound from approximately 10:30 – 1:00 for staging and take down of the mock accident.

“Once every 15 minutes” takes it’s name from the fact that every 15 minutes, on average, someone is killed in the U. S. in or from an alcohol related accident.  The objective is to teach both students and parents about the serious consequences of driving while under the influence.

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