HG: Los Al Parking Meters? I Don’t Think So

Highlands Guy has serious concerns about the parking meters that may be headed to Los Alamitos

(Los Alamitos, 5/2/2015) Editor  Dave E here with my apologies for getting our Thursday columnist’s very thought provoking piece up late.  Totally my fault–Highlands’ Guy had it to me in plenty of time, it just hit when I was swamped.   Read on for HG’s perspective on the parking meters you may be seeing in South Old Town  East fairly soon. 

by Highlands Guy:  I just finished reading the 26 page Los Alamitos City Council Agenda Report, dated April 20.2015, devoted to the installation of parking meters. It is extensive and provides a plethora of details, with the vast majority devoted to the details on the ‘scope of work’. This includes page after page about acquisition, delivery, installation, management, and financing. My thesis is that there is not enough material presented to support a project of the magnitude, as put forth on the very first page of the Report.

Here it is folks, and I quote, “The goal of the Parking Meter Program is to reduce the abuse of Continue reading

How healthy are Los Alamitos’ restaurants?

What do OC restaurants (& County Supervisors?) have to hide?

(Los Alamitos, 4/29/2015)  Is Hoff’s Hut better at food safety than McDonalds?

If we’re talking about the Long Beach Hoff’s and McDonalds, you can find the answer when you walk through the door.

If we’re talking about the chains’ Los Alamitos’ restaurants, good luck finding out.   What we do know, thanks to the OC Register, is  that Orange County restaurant closures due to major health violations climbed a whopping 38% last year!

That may be about to change, however.  You see,  Continue reading

It Deserves To Succeed

So, you are going to go out for Italian tonight? Where? The Olive Garden? Spags?

I don’t normally do this, but maybe it’s time that losalnews.com start.  So, please, read below the fold about a local business that you should consider… and please, if you are a customer of a local business, use the comments section to share with others why we should all be going there.

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A Local Challenge – No Water Bucket Needed

We all remember the ALS water bucket challenge. Well this is California. We have a drought. So that is out. But a local non-profit has come up with a better idea.


Whip Cream Challenge for Kids. Reddi, Wip!

It should be stated that this idea came from and 11 year old girl, Cassy Lehecka to support our very own Los Alamitos Youth Center.

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HG: Los Al PD budget: I’m touching it with a ten foot pole

HG asks some questions apparently too tough for the City Council

(Los Alamitos, 4/23/2015) Note:  This topic is so delicate I have to remind you that our Thursday columns represent the views of our Thursday columnist, not necessarily that of the editors.  That said, it’s hard to question that our Highlands Guy is doing the City a service by asking questions that apparently were too hot for any City Couincil Member

by Highlands Guy:  I must admit that this is not an easy subject to broach. Not because of its complexities, but because of, if you will, the touchiness of the constituencies.

Please note that my approach should not be taken as a view of the LAPD, but only as a tax payer, trying to understand the various moving parts of a city department. Although I understand the reluctance of our elected officials to dig deeply and ask the hard, in depth questions, they must, in the final analysis be held accountable and present justification for the spending of every tax dollar.

Unasked questions:

Much of the Special Los Alamitos City Council Meeting on April 13 focused on the Los Alamitos Police Department budget.  Most impressive to me was Continue reading

Los Al Council questions & tables historical designation for Museum

The Council had a few questions they needed answered before approving the Museum’s application for a historical plaque.

(Los Alamitos, 4/22/2015) In what one observer described as a “pretty dull meeting,” Los Alamitos’ City Council passed everything on their agenda with one exception (click here for our pre-meeting agenda post, “Parking meters, more on Council Agenda”).

That exception was the Consent Calendar item for the Council to approve the Los Alamitos Museum’s application for a Historical Designation Plaque from the Orange County Historical Commission.  The City’s approval is required for the application process to proceed.

The Museum, housed in the historical old fire station, has been owned and operated by the City since July 28, 1975, so it will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this July.  However,  Continue reading