Update from David & Rebecca Lara: Donor needed

Neighbors who need our help:  David & Rebecca Lara

Neighbors who need our help: David & Rebecca Lara

(Rossmoor, 10/23/2014) Many of our readers and others in Rossmoor will remember our humorous columnist of a few years back, David Lara.  Who can forget  “Lights, Camera, Action! (Or, Rossmoor booz, lies, & a videotape) or “Hatfields & McCoys, Now Los Alamitos & Rossmoor?”  David and his wife, Rebecca, founded and led the Rossmoor Predator Management District until they had to step down about two years ago as they battled Rebecca’s terminal cancer.  Here’s an update from Rebecca, as well as a need you may wish to consider and/or pass on:

by Rebecca Lara:  For the last two years, my husband, David Lara, has been my caretaker in helping me battle terminal cancer. He has successfully changed my status from being terminal cancer to now just a person who has cancer and is being monitored.

Unfortunately, this stress has taken a toll on him as he lost one of his kidneys himself to cancer. We have always been in the position of helping people and for David being a law enforcement officer of over 33 years, it’s not easy for us to ask for help from others. His faith in being a baptized believer of Christ for over 55 years is helping him deal with his current health issue.

Dave has recently been put on the waiting lists for a kidney transplant at both UC Irvine and UC San Diego. He is blood type A which is typically a 3-4 year wait. Currently, Dave needs to live on dialysis until he receives a transplant. He could get off dialysis much quicker if he had a living donor.

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Election 2014: The Beating Up Goes On

State Senator. What an awesome title. Now, how would be the best way to get it? One would hope that you would list what it is you are willing to do and what it is you have done in the past. That would be a nice positive campaign. But with the Senate in the balance in Sacramento, that is not what we are getting. We are getting one of the most expensive campaigns in the state with for or five fliers arriving every day (it should be noted that I live in a bilingual home, so I get more of this drivel than most as I get both the English and the Vietnamese).

So, how do you decide to pick one of these people when they spend all their time, money and effort attacking the other so you won’t vote FOR the other person? Let’s take a closer look at the 34th State Senate District and candidates Janet Nguyen and Jose Solorio.


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HG: We Can Do Better

Los Al’s TV3 helped persuade ProLogis to move on with a high quality investigative report on the project.

(Los Alamitos 10/22/2014)  Our Thursday columnist delves into the timely topic of public access TV.  And burries a zinger in his fifth paragraph:

By “Highlands Guy:”  Public-access television came about with the rise of cable television in the late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s. In the exchange for the rights to lay cable wires on public land, cable companies were required to donate a portion of their revenue to provide facilities and airtime to allow public comment.

The idea was to give voice to ordinary citizens who otherwise wouldn’t have access to media outlets (Mike Rosen-Molina, MediaShift). It was basically the precursor to YouTube in a time when folks were just getting to know the computer world.

I would offer that public engagement is at the heart of public access. It has the potential to be the place where a local community can gather to communicate and share ideas. That said, it will need to adapt to, and harness the new online reality if it wants to continue fulfilling this role. At the same time these new technological issues are being investigated, the exact roles and expectations of the players need to be examined.

Definitions of goals for the City Council, the producers, the technical advisors, the cable company, the local citizens, etc. need to be spelled out with the same preciseness as any other “development” within our borders. And as with any other civic action, the processes and finished product need to be compatible with the very expensive, and much ballyhooed, General Plan.

Thus, with the city at the head of this table, and public money being spent, I expect the quality of this product to be at least as good as Continue reading

Los Al Coucil votes to do survey on “safe & sane” fireworks, includes retail in industrial zone

(Tuesday, 10/21/2014)  First, there was the Special Meeting, where only two of the three Commission applicants showed up.  Unfortunately, James Main, both of whose kids served as student representatives on the  Parks & Rec Commission, missed his interview…again.  Josh Wilson was appointed to Parks & Rec, and Stephen Hammond,  a 19 year Los Al resident sporting red suspenders, was appointed to the Cable Commission.

That means there’s still one regular and one student vacancy on Parks & Rec, and more seats opening up at year’s end on most commissions, with three seats coming up on Traffic with only two incumbants planning to run. Click here for a Commission application you can complete online & mail or hand in.  Click here for links to the members of each Commission and when their terms expire.  Over a dozen vacancies are coming up in December, now’s the time to apply!


The Council spent over two hours discussing the pros and cons of the Base’s decision to relocate the fireworks almost a mile further away from Carrier Row.   Mayor Pro Tem Murphy summarized the issues into three questions: Continue reading

Fireworks, more retail, union contract, lawsuit & more on 2 Monday Los Al Council Agendas

More fireworks at Monday’s Los Al Council Meeting?

(Los Alamitos, 10/19/2014) Lots of interesting items on the agendas for Los Alamitos City Council’s Meetings this Monday.

We’ll start with the 5 pm Special Meeting, where the open session focuses on interviewing and voting three Commission applicants:

  • James Main, a 32 year Los Alamitos resident is one of two applicants for three vacancies on the Los Alamitos Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Commission.  James is following in the footsteps of his son and daughter, both of whom served as student reps on the Commission.  Ironically, the Commission’s student position is currently vacant, maybe you know someone who could apply.
  • Josh Wilson, the other Parks & Rec applicant, has only lived in the city for two months, but he’s “worked in the City for the past five years for businesses that have helped support City events, icluding Race on the Base,” and is currently on the Los Alamitos Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors.
  • Steven Hammond, a 19 year resident, is applying for the Cable Commission vacancy that will be created when Shelley Hasselbrink is sworn in as Los Al’s newest City Council Member later this year.

9.5% in raises for City Employees:  

Depending on how you look at it, that is.

After voting on the 3 applicants for the 4 vacancies, the Council will move on to discuss and most likely approve the Memo of Understanding covering the next 4 years contract with the Los Alamitos City Employees Association. After Continue reading