Los Alamitos water main break: Shape of things to come?

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you?

(March 28, 2015)  Many Los Alamitos residents woke up with no water this morning, the result of a 3 am water main break north of the Joint Forces Training Base.

Details are still sketchy at this point, but as of 5 am the water was expected to be turned back on by Continue reading

Los Alamitos City Council reaches out to new Base Commander to save Base Pool

Another year, another Commander to get to know

(Los Alamitos, 3/27/2015)  Los Alamitos Council Members met in a Special Session for an hour prior to Monday’s 6 pm Regular Meeting.

Briggadier General Nathan Reddicks, who will take over as the new Base Commander this coming Wednesday (April 1st), was there to hear the Concil Members concerns about the Base’s proposal to more than double the City’s lease costs when the current lease expires in June.

The meeting was mostly informational and an opportunity to
get to know the Base’s incoming Commander.  Again. . .

Base Command Merry Go Round: Continue reading

HG: I’m trying to stay positive. . . but it ain’t easy

HG's take on a large part of Monday's City Council Meeting

HG’s take on a large part of Monday’s City Council Meeting

(Los Alamitos, March 25, 2015)  Dave E here.  I was about to write about Monday’s Council Meetings , but our Thursday columnist turned his piece in early, and I think he did a better job on one issue than I could.  Stay tuned for my post on the rest of the meeting in a day or two.

by Highlands Guy  I watched every minute of last night’s City Council agenda item about the future of LATV3. I would like to say that I felt more positive at its conclusion, but that was not to be. I will attempt to offer my take on the discussion in a logical, coherent manner, but the  banter on the dais was all over the board, so I may not hit the mark. The goal of Item 10A was to review and vote on a city expenditure for outside  consultants to make  sense of, perhaps, our cable channel(s) operations.

And while I respect the folks who lead the city and am not questioning their intelligence or good intentions, I think they missed the mark with this one. And I might add that this was the case with the past two or three sets of council members and city managers. I am still not positive what the end game is, but my impression is that my ($18,000) tax dollars will be paying for a Continue reading

Council Agendas: Close the pool? Move City Hall? New 20 year plan?

March Madness comes to Los Alamitos' City Council this weekend?

March Madness comes to Los Alamitos’ City Council this weekend?

(Los Alamitos, 3/20/2015) Los Alamitos’ workaholic City Council is bookending this weekend with three Council meetings dealing with everything from a final public hearing on a new 20 year Master Plan for the City to closing the City’s leased Pool at the Base to Moving City Hall:

  1. This afternoon, Friday 3/20/2015, 3:00 pm, closed session with City Attorney regarding pending litigation.
  2. Monday, March 23, 2015, 5:00 pm, (click here for agenda & agenda reports) an open special meeting to discuss:
    1. Moving City Hall, and
    2. Closing the Base Pool due to major needed repairs and a 130% rent increase the Base is demanding for a new lease which is limited to nine years.
  3. One hour later at 6:00 pm Monday, the regular monthly meeting a week late (click here for agenda with links to agenda reports) with 4 presentations, 9 consent items (including  switching from Robert’s to Rosenberg’s Rules of Order), a Public Hearing on adopting the 2035 General Plan, and discussion of a Consultant to assist sorting out the ongoing drama of LosAl TV3.

The Pool dilemma is  Continue reading

HG: It’s in the Orange County Codes

Highlands’ Guy’s inspiration for this week’s post

(Orange County, CA, 3/19/2015)  by “Highlands Guy:”  I write today from a personal perspective, but I would imagine that the stuff I experience is not too much different from the rest of you guys and I am hoping that a suggestion or two could help make my home life a bit more manageable.

Most of it seems to be covered in either city or OC County rules, but what I can or will do with that knowledge has yet to be determined.

Orange County Municipal Codes:

Sec.2-5-19:  No person shall solicit primarily for commercial purposes in any manner, or sell or offer for sale any goods, wares, merchandise,…or advertising material without a written permit…

Sec.2-5-125.b:  The type, location, size, content and duration of the Continue reading

Details on Barton Place EIR Scoping Meeting

Details on Monday's meeting

The public has until 3/31 to provide input to the projects EIR, details below

(Cypress, 3/19/2015)  by George Pardon:  The EIR Scoping Meeting for the 33 acre project was held this evening, March 16.  About 20 community residents were in attendance.

The developer spent time presenting the project which closely followed the information that is available on the website:www.bartonplacecypress.com  The overall project will consist of 244 homes with 152 being single family homes and 92 being paired homes (duplexes).  There will many amenities and common areas on the 28 acres dedicated to the housing portion of the project.  While there were no specifics related to the 5 acre commercial/retail site, it is being described as Continue reading