Special Council Meeting Wednesday on 2015 Council, City Hall relocation

Time to move on?

(Los Alamitos, 8/19/2014)  Los Alamitos City Council will meet in Special Session this Wednesday at 5:30 to consider appointing the three candidates who filed for the three vacant seats for the coming term.  (See“Election, 2014:  Los Alamitos City Council  Results In”)

Staff is recommending the obvious, that the City save money and hassle by appointing the only three people who signed up to run for the vacancies, all long time local residents with a history of involvement in the community.

The vote will come on four separate roll call votes, and I’m thinking it’s a pretty safe bet all four will pass, based on the candidates surprising mutual support explored in our post on “The Peace Dividend.”

Also on the agenda will be two items carried over from last night’s regular Council Meeting: Continue reading

Council unanimous on bingo, divided on marijuana and low income housing

(Los Alamitos, 8/19/2014)  A number of interesting issues were on the agenda for last night’s two Los Alamitos City Council Meeting, but for now we’ll just touch on a few, because I’ve got another post to write about a Special Council Meeting coming at 5:30 tomorrow.

During the Public Hearings  the Council unanimously passed a new ordinance allowing remote caller bingo, which should aid non-profits like St. Isidore’s, who sought the ordinance.

The ordinance to remove the currently required Conditional Use Permits passed on a 4-1 vote, with Council Member Edgar voting against.  City staff indicated the change was required by state law.

Marijuana resolution goes up in smoke:

Marijuana growing came up when the Council Continue reading

Future of LosAlTV, City Hall, Fireworks & more on Monday (August 18) Council Agendas

(Los Alamitos, CA, 8/17/2014)  Lots is up for discussion at two Los Alamitos City Council Meetings this Monday:

Agenda for 4 pm Special Meeting:

  • Preliminary Discussion of Civic Center Relocation
  • Discussion of the Cable Function and the Future of Los Alamitos Television

Click here for the conplete agenda, scroll down for  detailed Agenda Reports on the two items.

Agenda for 6 pm Regular (monthly) Meeting:

  • Only one “Presentation:”  An “Update” from Golden State Water’s Interim District Manager.
  • Oral Communications from the Public
  • Expenses
  • 6 Consent Calendar Items including a Resolution of Opposition to the newly re-proposed I-405  (post in progress, check back in 20 minutes)
  • 3 Public hearings including Remote Caller Bingo, Processing fees, and allowing Affordable Housing in Los Al without a Conditional Use permit, as

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Election 2014: Los Alamitos City Council Results In!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Los Alamitos City Council.

Troy Edgar, Shelley Hasselbrink and Warren Kusumoto locked up impressive wins in their bid to be members of the Los Alamitos City Council for the next four years. The total amount spent by all three candidates in their impressive win was the cost of the filing fees. There was no campaign signs for any of them anywhere in the city. There was no flyers with their names on it, in either the positive or the negative. There were no debates and for the most part, this is a good thing.

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HG: Our Newest Gem–A Big Deal!

I hope all you guys have been out to see the newest addition to our city. Given that Los Al is really tiny, and understanding the sad truth about the dearth of open, usable space, it really is a big deal.

Overlay this with the knowledge that the Rivers and Mountains Conservancy put up the bucks to bring it to fruition, big smiles should be seen all over town. Come on, I know you can muster at least a small grin. Whether you want to admit it or not, this is progress for our city, and since it doesn’t happen all that often it should be celebrated as such.

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The Peace Dividend

The Peace Dividend is what you get when peace breaks out and something serendipitous comes from it.

Last year peace started to come about when a divided Los Alamitos City Council finally started to work together as a team. Who knows what magic elixir was added to the mix, was it Warren Kusumoto taking the helm? Was it the addition of Richard Murphy? Something happened and the bumps in the road just started to get smaller and things were just getting done.

Under Gerri Mejia’s leadership this has continued, and if even possible, has gotten better. If you look back at the posts of the blog for the last two years you will note that even we noted the change in tone. It had become so obvious to us that we changed the name of the blog from “letsfixlosal” to loasalnews.com. Gerri has built on that solid platform a fine working relationship between all the member of City Council that even the term “bury the hatchet” doesn’t come close to expressing how functional the five have become as a team.

That doesn’t mean that things are perfect. There are still disagreements on policy and direction as well as priorities, but the old 3-2 votes of a council split where one side was forcing their version of reality on the other rather than discussing openly and listening to one another is all gone.

So what is this serendipitous Peace Dividend?

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