Special Meeting Los Alamitos City Council

Tuesday, March 1, 2016.

All hands on deck. Los Alamitos City Council will be holding a Special Meeting to vote on a Moratorium on all further development in the P-M (light Industrial) Zones in Los Alamitos. Your voice is needed at 6:45PM in the Los Alamitos Community (Rec) Center

When the General Plan was in development for over two years, the people in the City of Los Alamitos made it clear that we didn’t want Recycling Facilities, and Truck Depot’s in our city. We specifically indicated that any future development on what is commonly called “The Arrowhead Property” (located at the corner of Katella and Lexington) to be retail, not industrial.

Well, surprise, the City Staff has been working with the property owners to put a 15 bay trucking depot on that property. Yes, after we just got done fighting (and winning) against Cypress and Prologis to not put a trucking facility in, our City Staff have been working with the Arrowhead Property owners to shove one in Los Alamitos.

We need the Moratorium, we need to rewrite the zoning code to disallow development we don’t want. We need to stop our City Staff from undermining the will and desire of the people, the City Council and the Planning Commission.

Please come, at 6:45PM on March 1, 2016, to the Los Alamitos Community (Rec) Center and tell the City Council to stop the development of industrial property.

66 townhome project on Orange Ave. on tonight’s Cypress City Council Agenda

The 66 unit complex is permitted under previous changes made by a previous Council, which has frustrated many residents

(1/10/2016, Cypress, CA, adapted from an e-mail from long time Cypress resident George Pardon):

As expected, the City Ventures 66 townhome project on Orange Ave is on this Monday’s City Council agenda. It is Public Hearing number 2 on tonight’s agenda. (The public meeting begins at 7:30 pm tonight)  Here is the link to the Agenda Report: http://www.ci.cypress.ca.us/…/0111…/2_CUP_No_3034_011116.pdf

While I remain very frustrated by how the 2004 zoning change took place allowing this project to come about, it is my sense that the City Council will be hard pressed to deny the project. If they do deny it, it will likely end up in court and I be…lieve the city will lose the court case. The reason is the current zoning allows the project and the developer isn’t asking for any exceptions to the current zoning.

The following are both Government Code and case law related to this matter showing the findings the city would have show to deny this project:

1.   https://www.perkinscoie.com/…/county-violates-california-s-…  In Honchariw v. County of Stanislaus, the California Court of Appeal overturned Stanislaus County’s decision to deny a subdivision map for a housing project that included no affordable units. The court ruled that the county violated the Housing Accountability Act (the Act), which is colloquially known as the “Anti-NIMBY” law.

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Los Alamitos City Council re-elects Richard Murphy as Mayor

In this 2012 News Enterprise photo Richard Murphy was sworn in by City Clerk Windmera Quintanar. Last night he was sworn in as Mayor for the second year in a row!

(Los Alamitos, 12/22/2015) by Dave Emerson:  In a first for this millennium, Los Alamitos’ City Council re-elected the same Mayor for the second year in a row.  And it was unanimous, reflecting the strong support Mayor Murphy has attracted within a Council that had been bitterly divided for almost a decade prior to Murphy’s election in 2012. The Council’s newest member, Shelley Hasselbrink, was unanimously elected Mayor Pro Tem.

Which means that a year from now, Council Member Hasselbrink will probably become only the fifth woman Mayor in Los Alamitos history.

The big surprise revealed to City Council Members, the City Manager, and City Attorney in an e-mail early Monday morning was Continue reading

Park evaluation, Senior Housing on Monday Cypress City Council Agenda

(Cypress, CA, 10/25/2015) by George Pardon:  Click here for the Cypress City Council Agenda  for Monday, October 26:


In addition to the Cypress City Council considering approval of the 33 acre Senior Housing/Commercial Retail development called Barton Place (Agenda Item #1), the City Council will also consider approving a scope of work for a study to assess current park space, recreation facilities and current and projected community needs to guide future capital improvement planning. 

The scope of work for this assessment includes the evaluation of sports parks, neighborhood parks, and the Senior Center.  The need to conduct this study was included as an objective of the City Council’s March 2015 update of the City’s Strategic Plan.   Agenda Item #10 provides valuable information about existing  park space and recreation facilities that I think you’ll find to be a beneficial read.  http://www.ci.cypress.ca.us/administration/2015_agd_,min/2015%20_staff%20_reports/102615%20Staff%20Reports/10_Facilities_Assessment_102615.pdf Continue reading

The Undead Keep On Rising

Joe Sloan

(Los Alamitos, 10/22/2015)  by JM Ivler:  Why is it that we are haunted this month by what was once dead rising back to life? First it was George Briggeman and his laundering of campaign contributions; which echoes back to the manipulation of our city related to the solid waste franchise agreement.

And now it’s the spirit of the manipulation of the “scoring” by the consultants hired by the City of Los Alamitos to advise us on who was the best company to go to, with Sloan Vasquez in the news for “fixing the bidding contract” in Whittier.

Enrique Vazquez

Shades of solid waste franchise agreements of the past, all the major players in the City of Los Alamitos fiasco seem to be getting second lives as they are caught manipulating things to their personal benefit again and again. These shades just Continue reading

The $15,000 slap on the wrist

According to the FPPC, George Briggeman, Jr. has “laundered” campaign contributions. We told you that seven years ago!

(Los Alamitos, 10/18/2015)  by JM Ivler:  Some time ago we here at LosAlNews.com got a letter telling us that we were going to be sued by Mr. George Briggeman, Jr., because we used the term “laundered” when discussing the way he laundered campaign contributions. I guess that Mr. Briggeman is planning on suing the FPPC because they decided that the proper term for how Mr. Briggeman handles his campaign contributions is “laundered.”

Item 3 under the consent items for October 15th 2105 FPPC Commission meeting, under the title “Laundered Campaign Contributions” is “In the Matter of George S. Briggeman, Jr.; FPPC No. 13/936.”

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