Cypress Measure GG: No free park?!

(Cypress, CA, 10/18/2015)  By George PardonA free park? Think twice before you swallow this hook.

Nowhere in the Measure GG initiative does it say that the race track is going to donate the 20.7 acre park area to the City of Cypress. While Measure GG restricts the zoning on the 20.7 acres, all of the race track property currently allows a park as a permitted use. Maybe the race track will donate the property to the city or maybe they will sell it to the city or?

The initiative does allow for a performing arts center to be built on this ‘park’ property with a conditional use permit. Again, the initiative doesn’t say the 20.7 acres ‘park’ property will be a donation to the city. It could be a small park with the rest sold off to a developer to build a performing arts center.

It’s time to vote. Why isn’t the initiative more specific on such an important issue to the residents? It’s interesting to see all the projects that the property owners chose to put in the initiative but then chose not indicate they were going to donate the 20.7 acre ‘park’ property to the city.

Also, a number of people have indicated they didn’t know that Measure GG rezones more than just the race track and golf course property. Here is a breakdown of the property proposed for rezoning: Continue reading

Election recommendations for Los Alamitos Council & School Board

(Los Alamitos, CA 10/14/2016)  This year Los Alamitos voters have a choice of three candidates who are running for two seats on the City Council.  Frankly, this year I prefer our options for Council way above our options for President.

As someone who’s in his second term on Los Al’s Traffic Commission, lived here since 1988, and edited this blog for eight years, I’ve gotten to know all three candidates fairly well.  There’s things I like about each one,  but from my admittedly limited perspective one candidate stands above the others, for several key reasons, beginning with a major change he facilitated over the last four years:

In 2012 an uncivil war had been raging on Los Alamitos’ City Council for over a decade.  Richard Murphy entered the 2012 election as an independent, self-funded candidate with the goal of restoring civility to our City Council.

Amazingly, he did! 

Here’s some pretty convincing proof:   Last January Los Alamitos’ City Council unanimously elected Richard Murphy as Mayor. . . for the second year in a row!   That hasn’t happened in well over 20 years. Continue reading

Measure GG: What’s the History?

(Cypress, 10/12/2016)  A well researched look  at recent changes affecting Measure GG and what’s gone before it by long time Cypress resident George Pardon:

Insufficient changes last month:

At the Cypress City Council Meeting on September 26, the Race Track submitted deed restrictions that lowered the height of projects in the Mixed Use Area along Cerritos to 60 feet and agreed not to put refueling stations in the Town Center.  While these are welcome changes, it is important that residents know that there are still a significant number of allowed projects in the initiative that vary dramatically from what the Race Track is presenting in their flyers and in the conceptual plans shown on their website.

Some important history, Measure D, 1987:

For the benefit of some background, it’s important to remember that there have been a number of rezoning efforts on the Los Alamitos Race Track/Golf Course property (LART) since Measure D.  Measure D was passed by voters in November 1987 for the purpose of assuring “the maintenance of the quality of life in the City of Cypress and to preserve for the citizens and future generations of Cypress that adequate open spaces and greenbelts shall be available for their use and enjoyment.”

At the time Measure D was passed, the LART property was approximately 300 acres with its borders going from Katella to Cerritos and from Denni (Lexington) to Walker.

1990: 75 acres upzoned:

Continue reading

Problems with Cypress’ Measure GG:

California Chrome cropped(Cypress, CA, 10/3/2016, by Dave Emerson)  Do you get a feeling of “here we go again” as you read the pro-GG Flyers or Ballot Argument?

2012, Measure L: The Race Track owners promised a 33 acre Continuing Care Seniors’ Facility if we’d approve Measure L.   What Cypress almost got was a  240 bay ProLogs truck terminal.  And, especially if GG passes, that ProLogis Terminal may come back, because ground has yet to be broken for the Senior Housing that was approved last year by Cypress.

2013, Measure A:   The Track’s two owners  were back with glowing descriptions of a park & homes on 47 acres.  Cypress voters were not about to be tricked two years in a row, and rejected Measure A by more than 2 to 1.

2016, Measure GG:  Now they want us upzone all 170 acres they have left! 

They promise, but can’t guarantee a 32 acre “town center” with a “vibrant mix” of uses.  The “town center” could just as easily be  32 acres of ten story office and commercial buildings! Continue reading

New bonds, safety, more: Tuesday’s Los Alamitos School Board Meeting

facebook home more square9/30/2016  LOS ALAMITOS, CA — In its regular meeting Tuesday, 9/27/2016 the Los Alamitos Unified School District board voted unanimously to proceed with two refinancing opportunities worth approximately $34 million in outstanding bonds to take advantage of extremely low interest rates and save District taxpayers an estimated $5 million.  The combination of interest rates near historical lows and the recent upgrading of the District’s credit rating by finance analysts Moody’s to an Aa1 created a unique opportunity to refinance the District’s debt, according to Deputy Superintendent Patricia Meyer. Continue reading

Special Meeting Los Alamitos City Council

Tuesday, March 1, 2016, Los Alamitos, by JM Ivler:money2

All hands on deck. Los Alamitos City Council will be holding a Special Meeting to vote on a Moratorium on all further development in the P-M (light Industrial) Zones in Los Alamitos. Your voice is needed at 6:45PM in the Los Alamitos Community (Rec) Center

When the General Plan was in development for over two years, the people in the City of Los Alamitos made it clear that we didn’t want Recycling Facilities, and Truck Depot’s in our city. We specifically indicated that any future development on what is commonly called “The Arrowhead Property” (located at the corner of Katella and Lexington) to be retail, not industrial.

Well, surprise, the City Staff has been working with the property owners to put a 15 bay trucking depot on that property. Yes, Continue reading