OCTA/CalTrans to replace planned 405 toll lane with light rail

Is this really what we want our future to look like?  CalTrans & OCTA engineers agreed light rail makes more sense long term than their proposed HOT lane

(Santa Ana, 4/1/2015)  In a surprising move the Orange County Transportation Authority took a giant step into the 21st century by proposing the County’s first new light rail line replace the proposed High Occupancy Toll lane on thewidening of the 405 Freeway from State Route 73 to the 605 freeway.

“The more we looked at this project the more obvious it became that even with two additional lanes in each direction the 405 would still be gridlocked at peak hours,”  according to one highly placed OCTA official.

“It’s well past time we look at better options than constantly widening freeways until half of the County is paved.  It’s time we stopped building dinosaurs that are obsolete by the time they’re completed, and focused on a safer, fasterm more efficient, and more practical form of transporation that doesn’t require over a ton of metal for every passenger.   It’s time to start building Orange County’s high speed rapid transportatioin system.”

As last year’s Los Alamitos Traffic Commission Chairman I have to commend the OCTA’s bold creativity.  Whatever combination of Continue reading

Cypress Senior Center Free Screenings and Seminars for April, 2015

Unless otherwise noted all events and screenings are free to all seniors, whether Cypress residents or not.

Cypress, CA 3/31/2015)  The following programs will be offered at the Cypress Senior Center. You do not need to be a Cypress resident to participate in these free programs. Reservations are recommended, unless otherwise indicated. For more information or reservations please call (714) 229-2005.

BLOOD PRESSURE SCREENINGS by Glenda Papa, R.N. Fridays – April 3, 10, 17 and 24, 10:00 – 11:30 am Free. Walk-in.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS  Tuesday, April 7 10:00 – 11:30 am,    Carl Leiter, Retired Attorney

Learn about your rights with the new Social Security Title XIX Government Funds to pay for private nursing home costs. Learn how to protect your home and other assets, and how to keep your savings without “spending down.” Other topics include: how to understand your Revocable Living Trust, General Durable Power of Attorney, and how to make the healthcare system work  for you.

LAUGHING FOR THE HEALTH OF IT!  Thursday, April 9 10:30 – 11:30 am, Beverley Bender, Gerontologist & Certified Laughter Leader

In this fun, lively presentation, Beverley Bender will focus on the importance of a sense of humor and how to be more playful. Participants will be given practical ideas on how to look for the funny side of life when nothing seems funny!

GETTING THE MOST OUT OF COMMUNICATION , Monday, April 13 10:30 – 11:30 am, Dr. Ron Reiter, Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Audiologist, California Chapters in Aging

Dr. Reiter will cover: Looking at the ways to better communicate from the  Continue reading

Wildlife, traffic & senior concerns about Barton Place Seniors’ Project

Will building on a mud zone for migrating geese remove them from Cypress skies?

 (Los Alamitos/Cypress, 3/30/2015) by Dave Emerson and Lois Waddle:  Tomorrow (Tuesday, 3/31)  is the last day for local residents, communities, and businesses to submit concerns to be addressed in the Environmental Inpact Report for Barton Place, the proposed Senior Housing & retail complex on Cypress’ infamous 33 acres bodering Katella and Enterprise.

Most local residents are supportive of the current proposal, especially now that the five story appartment complex has been replaced with senior owned residences.  There are at least three areas of concern remaining, which hopefully can be addressed and mitigated during the EIR process:

Wildlife wetlands habitat:

From a letter by open space and wildlife activist Lois Waddle:  I am writing to document and explain the loss of the wetland’s wildlife habitat that will occur if the 33 acre Barton Place development is built on Katella Ave. Hapitually, during the rainy season in the winter, Canadian geese fly into this site in ‘wedges’ of 40 to 70 strong. They seek shelter, food, and sun. But, specifically, they seek the ‘mud’. Continue reading

Palm Sunday: A day of triumph and tragedy

Where’d the blonde kid come from? In this depcition of Palm Sunday, some of the participants sure don’t look Jewish or Middle Eastern.

(Palm Sunday, 3/29/2015)  Today most Christians around the globe remember the day Jesus entered Jerusalem in a triumphant procession just days before his death by crucifixion.  (Greek and Russian Orthodox Christians celebrate Palm Sunday one week later than most Western Christians this year.)

It was an amazing day, a day Jesus was greeted as Messiah by the people but rejected by the religious authorities, a day that left Jesus weeping, and a day of prophecy fulfilled and Continue reading

Los Alamitos water main break: Shape of things to come?

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you?

(March 28, 2015)  Many Los Alamitos residents woke up with no water this morning, the result of a 3 am water main break north of the Joint Forces Training Base.

Details are still sketchy at this point, but as of 5 am the water was expected to be turned back on by Continue reading

Los Alamitos City Council reaches out to new Base Commander to save Base Pool

Another year, another Commander to get to know

(Los Alamitos, 3/27/2015)  Los Alamitos Council Members met in a Special Session for an hour prior to Monday’s 6 pm Regular Meeting.

Briggadier General Nathan Reddicks, who will take over as the new Base Commander this coming Wednesday (April 1st), was there to hear the Concil Members concerns about the Base’s proposal to more than double the City’s lease costs when the current lease expires in June.

The meeting was mostly informational and an opportunity to
get to know the Base’s incoming Commander.  Again. . .

Base Command Merry Go Round: Continue reading