Los Alamitos Traffic Commission votes to remove stop sign & move crosswalk

The Commissioners prefaced their meeting with ballons and a Happy Birthday song to Los Alamitos City Engineer Dave Hunt

(Los Alamitos, 1/28/2015)  At this month’s Los Alamitos Traffic Commission Meeting, after singing Happy Birthday to Dave Hunt, choosing new officers, and reviewing how the Commission functions,  the 2015 Commissioners got right to work improving local traffic flow.

First, they voted 6-1 to move the crosswalk at Katella and Cherry from the east side of Cherry to the West side.   All agreed this was likely to improve traffic flow by removing the current obstruction by pedestrians to traffic turning left from Cherry (south) onto Katella.  Staff and several commissioners had taken the time to observe traffic at the intersection, and all agreed that the resulting impediment to cars turning right would be considerably less.  New Commissioner Seaman was the sole negative vote, apparently out of concern that Continue reading

Why we live here in Southern California

IMG_0389  los al weatherIMG_0390 boston weather(Los Alamitos, 1/27/2015)  In case you’re having a rough day, or having a hard time finding things to give thanks for, just the next ten days weather forecast from Yahoo Weather for Los Alamitos and Boston.

Los Alamitos:  Highs in the 70s as far as the eye can see (or at least as far as Yahoo predicts).

Boston.  Well, let’s start off with that Blizzard Warning (1 of 2).

Then notice that Boston’s predicted high for today is 11 degrees befow freezing, and Continue reading

HG: Hey City Council – Take a Walk

It’s amazing the things you notice on foot.

(Los Alamitos, 1/22/2015)  by Highlands Guy:   One of my New Year’s resolutions was to try to be really honest, not only with my family, friends, and colleagues, but probably more importantly with myself.

I could probably get away with telling small “white” lies to all sort of folks, with the good intention of not causing waves, or hurt feelings, or just because some things just don’t matter all that much. But a recent little medical blip got me to thinking about all sorts of stuff, the least of which was that it makes no sense what so ever to not be completely honest with one’s self. And if I go off spouting things it just makes sense to exhibit consistency and  clarity.

So, with a renewed vigor, this past weekend  I set off Continue reading

Massage Parlors, Professional Services Contracts on Tuesday Council Agenda

Los Al City staff wisely wants a moratorium on massage establishments while a new state law is evaluated.

(1/19/2015)  Tomorrow’s 6 pm Los Alamitos City Council Meeting includes several interesting items, including one which might lead to improved traffic flow and efficiency, and a proative response to a law that took effect on January 1st.

Massage Parlors: Continue reading

I Have A Dream

We recommend you hit play on the above 17 minute video, and follow along in the text below as Dr. King speaks. You’ll  find it well worth the time, whether you’ve heard it before or not.  (If you’re on our home page click “continue reading” below first.)

(Washtington, D.C., August 28, 1963)  by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:  

I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. Continue reading

Tuesday’s Los Alamitos City Council Agenda (1/20/2015)

This time we’ve got the complete agenda with all links after our brief overview.

(Los Alamitos, 1/17/2014) With Martin Luther King Day on Monday Los Alamitos’ City Council’s regular monthly meeting moves to Tuesday evening.  They have another interesting but somewhat light agenda, with a closed session at 5 to discuss  labor negotiations with the City Clerk as well as some anticipated litigation.

Then comes 9 (count ‘em) separate presentations (details below), which I’m guessing will push the Oral Comments well past 6:30.

I suspect several of the consent calendar items will be pulled, and I hope to devote a Sunday or Monday post to at least one of them.  The complete agenda with links to each staff report is below if you want the details now.

Then comes an urgency ordinance on a citywide moratorium on Continue reading