Maybe It’s Past Time For A Review

For a moment I’m going to ask you, the reader, to think like you are on the City Council for the City of Los Alamitos. That you have a facility and an agreement with a non-profit corporation to use that facility. That in that agreement there are specific conditions that must be met by the non-profit.

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“We Are Only Extending The Track”

(Cypress; April 21, 2014) Not to say that the Los Alamitos residents that showed up at the Cypress City Council meeting to extend the track are all seeing and all knowing, but they could read the racing journals and knew that the track extension wasn’t all that was going to happen.

At that meeting they stated that there was no problem extending the track. Even though Frick and Frack (see below)

Frick (name unknown)

Frick (name unknown)

Frack (name unknown)

Frack (name unknown)

were both there to insist that we Los Alamitos folk were there with nefarious plans….

Alas, it wasn’t so. Los Alamitos didn’t demand that Cypress pay them off for the track extension (Cypress Council Member Bailey even had to get the then City Manager to state that that particular rumor was very false).

The Los Alamitos residents that spoke were supportive of the extension of the track.

All seemed good.

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Los Alamitos City Council Meeting 4/21/14 @ 6PM

JM filling in for Dave, so excuse my “opinion” being mixed in with the agenda.

One of the interesting changes that having only one City Council meeting a month has done has made “presentations” seem like it goes on forever. This month is no different. Six, count them, presentations. This isn’t knocking the “presentations” from our City Council, but maybe it would be nice to start thinking about having a monthly “Presentation” meeting at a time after most people have had a chance to eat with their families, and where there is no need to have all the City Staff there as well.

A. Presentation of Certificates of Recognition to 2014 Southland Credit Union 33rd Annual Los Alamitos Race on the Base Sponsors

B. Presentation of Certificates of Recognition to Military Service Academy Nominees Andrew Chaidez, US Air Force Academy; Karen Kim, West Point, NY; Vincent O’Reilly, Westpoint, NY; and, US Naval Academy Appointee, Haley Fessenden

C. Presentation of a Certificate of Recognition to Ann Busenkell for her Volunteer and Community Involvement

D. Presentation of a Proclamation for Public Safety Dispatcher Week to West Cities Police Communications Representatives, Lindsay Lenart, Valerie Oberle, and Marie Pope

E. Presentation of a Proclamation for DMV/Donate Life California Month to Donate Life Ambassador Raquel Gonzalez

F. Presentation of Certificates of Recognition to the Los Alamitos Girls Soccer Team

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Conflict Of Interest Looms In The Cypress Trash Hauling Contract

The following was published by David L. Rose a 15 year Cypress resident – Reprinted with permission.

As Cypress is poised to award its first trash hauling contract in 20 years, serious concerns have emerged. The City government needs to publicly disclose and discuss the bids and make the best deal possible for Cypress. Otherwise, the new trash contract could end up being a nightmare for Cypress.

My main concern is with the apparent conflict of interest between

  1. Sloan-Vasquez,
  2. Cypress’ current provider Republic Services (formerly consolidated), and
  3. certain members of the Cypress City Council.

Given the apparent conflicts, I feel that Republic Services should be disqualified from competing on the current contract.
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HG: Embrace the future

(Los Alamitos, 4/17/2014)   This is the kind of advice that I have off-handedly given my kids for years, and I’m sure they’re tired of it. I must admit that when, recently, I did a 360° with the focus, I came up a might short.

And instead of taking on a personal inventory and planning process, I figured it would be easier to make some hifalutin statements about my City. I guess I thought too, that this would make it seem like I was actually doing something, although in reality, it’s not like taking real action.

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Michelle Steel Gives Massive Gift to Consolidated Disposal?

If you were to ensure that the City of Los Alamitos was getting $75,000 in Sales and Use Tax. And the City of Los Alamitos get’s 1% of the 8% Sales and Use Tax Collected. Then the total Sales and Use Tax that must be collected for the City of Los Alamitos to get $75,000 would be $600,000. So the Board of Equalization must collect $600,000 in order to pass the 1% to the City of Los Alamitos and ensure that the City of Los Alamitos got $75,000. Thus a company that paid $600,000 in Sales and Use Tax to the State of California through the only people allowed to collect the Sales and Use tax, the the City of Los Alamitos would get $75,000 for the treasury.

Thus, if a company were to write into a contract a section which guaranteed the City of Los Alamitos a yearly $75,000 in Sales & Use Tax; in order to meet that guarantee the company would have to pay the Board of Equalization $600,000 in Sales and Use Tax so that the $75,000 contractual guarantee was met. If they didn’t, then they would be in breach of contract.

What if they did actually pay the City of Los Alamitos $75,000 though? Well in that case the only people that got hurt was the County of Orange and the State of California, which didn’t get their pound of flesh. But can they actually do that? Can they legally rip off the State of California and the County of Orange for $525,000?

Let’s look at the facts.

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