2016 Harvest Crusade kicks off tonight at Angel Stadium & online

They’re back!

(Anaheim, 8/28/2015)  The 26th annual So Cal/OC Harvest Crusade begins at 7 tonight and runs through this weekend.  Pastor Greg Laurie’s focus this year includes Biblical keys to happiness.

As always, there will be a clear presentation of the good news of God’s love for you and me  that’s geared for skeptic and believer alike, alogn with some of the best contemporary Christian music around.

Musical guests this year include Phil Wickham nightly,  plus Third Day and Citizens & Saints tonight (Friday), Lecrae & Lacy Strum on Saturday, and Jeremy Camp & the Harvest Worship Band on Sunday.

Admission is free, parking is $15 (less at nearby private lots). Best but not necessary to arrive early.  Saturday’s usually geared a bit more towards those under 25, Sunday’s a bit more for all ages.  Every night will also be streamed live at socal.harvest.org beginning at 7 each night (click “watch live” banner, beginning at 7 pm each night), and broadcast on KFSH-FM (95.9) and Continue reading

Council faces “soul searching” on Crossfit zoning enforcement Monday night

Will Los Alamitos’ Council defeat a Crossfit Appeal the Planning Commission accepted?

(Los Alamitos, 8/23/2015) Looks like a real Crossfit Fight is on Monday night’s Los Alamitos’ City Council  Agenda on August 24.  The Council will conduct 3 meetings, including two in less than half an hour (from 5:30 to 6:00), but the real fireworks may not come until item 9B of the 6 pm Regular Meeting.

That’s when the Council will review the Planing Commission’s June reversal of Development Diretor Steven Mendoza’s May decision that the Crossfit business on Portal Drive in Los Alamitos had to abide by the zoning code and restore the business to its originally permitted configuration, replacing a wall that had been illegally removed and  also Continue reading

HG: Things I Can’t Explain to My Kids

From Andy Rooney to our local officials

(Los Alamitos, 8/21/2015) Today our Thursday columnist starts off sounding a bit like Andy Rooney but ends up with some uncommon common sense about local decision makers.  Enjoy: 

by Highlands Guy:  When I look real hard at myself, I guess I have to admit that I’m a fraud.

Not only have I been lying to my kids all these years, but worse, I’ve been lying to myself.

There are all sort of physical, psychological, and political phenomena that when it comes right down to it, even after I’ve “explained” it , I realize that I don’t really know the exact reason it happens. Even folks as diverse as John and Ken, Larry Elder, and  Donald Trump  have not been able to adequately explain how some things that effect us daily actually work.

Maybe I haven’t done enough research, but the way most folks talk so confidently about all sorts of stuff, I would think even my little brain could ferret out the facts.

Gas prices:  For instance, the first time my son started driving and we went up Continue reading

Meeting Thursday on 66 unit Cypress project

(8/18/2015, Cypress, CA) by George Pardon:   A community meeting is set for this Thursday by a developer who wants to build 66 units on Orange Ave. across from the Cypress library.

City Ventures is proposing to construct 66 three-story condominium units on the properties located at 5300 and 5400 Orange Avenue. This is between Grindlay and Walker across from the Library and tennis courts.

The project will include the demolition of two existing office buildings and combining the two properties into a single parcel.

Continue reading

HG: They Still Don’t Get It: Thoughts on last Monday’s Special Los Alamitos City Council Meeting

money2(8/14/2015, Los Alamitos) Dave here, putting up our Thursday columnist’s outstanding column a bit late due to our 5th week of hosting out-of-town guests!

As far as Google & I can tell, this is the only posting anywhere on a very important Council Meeting that, as HG shows, will have significant implications for three generations of Los Alamitos residents!  “Read it and weep. . . .”

by “Highlands Guy:”  The last couple of Los Alamitos City Council meetings were jam packed with important issues. But like so many other meetings there are not that many folks in the city who seem to care, based on the few souls in the audience. Let it be known that I like and respect most of the folks on our City Council. While a couple of them have not lived up to my very high expectations, as a group they make some good decisions that we will reap the rewards of in the coming years.

However, recently, our Council Members don’t seem to get it.  I don’t think they fully grasped Continue reading

I Hear There’s a New Lawman in Town: Thoughts on Chief Mattern’s retirement

Los Alamitos’ Police Chief Todd Mattern’s (right) upcoming retirement sparks some controversial thoughts from our Thursday columnist

Once again our Thursday columnist addresses an important issue nobody else has the Chutzpa to talk about.  (And once again your humble editor was too busy entertaining out of town family to get this post up on time.) 

by Highlands Guy:  It is important to thank outgoing Chief, Todd Mattern, for his years of service to Los Alamitos and the surrounding communities. He and his people kept us pretty darn safe even as we felt the negative impacts over the years of an increase in businesses on our borders, more traffic passing through our neighborhoods, and the violence that is pandemic in major population centers around the country.  His department has been the one thing we could count on over the years to always be there for us.

I now hear there’s going to be a new LAPD head guy in our future and so, with this in mind, I thought I would offer a few thoughts to welcome in this new era in the city’s history.

Please note that I fully realize that it is bad form to say anything Continue reading