Michelle Steel’s campaign turns deceptive, nasty & scarey on Halloween

Apparently desperate, Michelle Steel and her public employees union backers are slinging mud into our mailboxes.

(West Orange County, CA, Halloween, 2014)  2 very deceptive hit pieces in 3 days.   We’ll get into just how deceptibe they are (and how stupid Michelle Steel apparently thinks you and I are) shortly.

But first, and perhaps scariest, is who sent out one of those hit pieces on Ms. Steel’s behalf, the one that arrived in my mailbox today :

The Orange County Sheriffs Union!   Guess we can forget about her being firm on negotiations to keep OC Pension costs in line!  Actually, I guess the Orange County union employees just told us who’s going to put the taxpayers first, and it’s not Michelle!

Alan Mansoor:  The candidate the public employees unions fear most!  No wonder our current supervisor and former County Treasurer endorsed Mansoor!

Unbelievably deceptive:

Now to the incredible decptions, starting with Michelle’s “CHECK THE FACTS” on the 405 toll lanes hit piece that arrived a couple days ago:   Continue reading

Safe & happy Halloween from LosAlNews!

Rossmoor Elem Halloween

Happy Halloween to our readers from the kids at Rossmoor Elementary and the LAUSD’s Principal of the year, Kiva Spiratos. Nobody’s going to make a monkey our of her!

(West OC, 10/31/2014)  The good news is you can turn off your sprinklers:  We’re about to get about a half inch of natural irrigation city-wide.

The bad news is, that wet stuff from above which is called “rain,” if I remember correctly, is supposed to arrive in West Orange County between 7 and 8 tonight.  So it may be a good night to hit the trick or treat trail with the kids a little early.  And bring an umbrella.

Since we haven’t had much of that wet stuff for a long time, we’re being warned that the streets will be especially slippery until the build up of summer oil & crud  gets thoroughly washed off,  Wet and slippery roads on Halloween night are a witches recipe for disaster, so Continue reading

Election 2014: Final recap

Scroll down to find out JM Ivler, Dave Emerson, & Highlands’ Guy’s election recommendations, as well as both major parties.

Since losalnews is NOT a single person you will find differences of opinion here.

First the recommendations from the OC Dems and the OC GOP for the top of the ticket (statewide offices and propositions) Then our input.

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Dave E’s November 4, 2014 ballot analysis & recommendation for West Orange County

Michelle Steele might be good for Congress, but Alan Mansoor understands our district and OC issues better.

(West Orange County, California, updated 10/30/2014)

Orange County 2nd Supervisorial District:  Alan Mansoor

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my dabbling in local politics, it’s that those slick election mailers are not designed to inform, but to deceive. But those mailers can inform us of who is receiving buckets of money from special interest groups to pay for those flyers.

Take, for example, OC Supervisor Candidate Michelle Steel, who sent me more mailers in the primary than anyone. She’s received substantial campaign support from trade unions that are supporting the construction of toll lanes on the 405.  

Steel’s opponent, Alan Mansoor, was fighting those toll lanes before Steel moved into Orange County from Palos Verdes a couple years ago. I don’t recall receiving Continue reading

Steve Mauss’ recommendations for Cypress Council & Schools:

(Cypress, 10/27/2014)  [Editor's note:  I've been surveying local residents whose opinion I respect regarding a number of local races, including Cypress' City Council and Cypress School District.  I felt Steve Mauss's replies were detailed enough they would make a good post, so I am reproducing them here with his permission.  Mauss heads up the Citizens for Responsible Development in Cypress.]  

by Steve Mauss:  I’m a fairly fiscally-conservative guy so I generally tend to favor those that I believe will do the best job at holding the line on unnecessary spending.

That being said, I’ve come to realize over the last couple of election cycles and, based upon my own experience with our City Council, we need people that respect the will of residents at least as much as the will of the businesses.

Ironically, I run Continue reading

460s reveal big special interest spending in Cypress campaigns

The source behind those expensive  Yes on Q & R mailers revealed.

The source behind those expensive Yes on Q & R mailers revealed.

Updated 10/27 with new recommendations (at end)(Cypress, CA, 10/25/2014) by George Pardon:  The “460s” (required campaign donation disclosures) were filed yesterday that cover the most recentcontributions and expenditures from October 1-18. The 460s are for

  • the City Council candidates,
  • the Yes on R group,
  • the Yes on Q group,
  • Cypress Police Officers’ Association,
  • and a Political Action Committee (PAC) called Southern California Coalition of Businesses and Taxpayers (SCCBT).

Warmington Residential has stepped up it’s contributions to $105,000 so far for the Yes on R campaign. It’s important to note that Warmington Residential is the only contributor for Yes on R. 50% of the Yes on Q support is coming from CornerStone Developers. The ads in the community papers that promote Yes on Q and R indicate the ads are primarily funded by Warmington Residential.

Cypress City Council 460s:

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