HG: City Council Meeting – Round Two

Coming soon to parts of Old Town East

Dave E here.  I don’t agree with everything our Thursday columnist has to say about last Wednesday’s City Council Meeting, but at least he took the time to sit through the whole meeting.  He raises some ecellent quesstions–execelent enough I decided to put it up a day early:

(Los Alamitos, 2/25/2015) by Highlands Guy:  Round Two, also known as the second regular city council meeting of the year  took place a week ago today, on Wednesday, 2/18, 2015 (click here for agenda, and click here for video).  It was full to the brim with issues that, in my humble estimation, are screaming for more clarification and vetting by our friends on the dais.

The discussions that clearly had the most long-term impact to every tax payer were those related to the beginning phases of the 2015/2016 budget process. And from the pointed questions it was evident that the city council will be reviewing it in detail, and hopefully, adding value to the discussions via an historical perspective. But it is still important that each citizen pay close attention to make sure that the process is being carried out in our best interest.

“Cable” rears it’s ugly head:  For some reason, yet to be clearly defined, once again Continue reading

Register by noon Friday for this year’s Race on the Base; Rossmoor recycling

You can still register online for Saturday’s big race, but the prices go up on noon Friday.  Links  at the end of this post.

(Updated Thursday, February 26 2015, Los Alamitos)  It’s supposed to start raining at some point on Saturday, most likely after Los Alamitos’ 2015 Race on the Base is in the books.  As someone who ran the 1999 L.A. Marathon in the rain, let me assure you, rain makes a race more interesting and gives some great stories to tell.  As far as foul weather gear, two words:  trash bag.  With a hole for your head.  The most affordable disposable poncho known to huanity .

The good news is that there’s still time to sign up online for this Saturday’s Race on the Base., but prices go up and online registrations closes at high noon tomorrow, Friday 2/27/2015.   Click here for the Race on the Base 2015 website, or

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Council wants to get started on Los Alamitos Blvd. beautification with $160,000 for design

IMG_0717 (Los Alamitos, 2/24/2017)  As “Good Stuff” reported in his comment on yesterday’s Agenda Post, the Council used an informal “workshop” discussion format that “allowed for greater insight into the participants’ visions.”

The meeting lasted less than two hours, but revealed some interesting new details about what’s being planned, the cost, and how each Council Member feels.

After a power point presentation by Community Development and Public Works Director Steven Mendoza, Mayor Richard Murphy opened it up for questions and comments by each Council Member.

It turned out that all five  Continue reading

City Council meets at 5 tonight to discuss Los Almitos Blvd. Beautification

Tonight the Los Alamitos City Council begins consideration of key changes to our town, beginning with Los Al Blvd.

(Los Alamitos, 2/23/2014)  Los Alamitos’ City Council meets at 5 tonight to discuss the long delayed plans for Los Alamitos Blvd. between Katella and Cerritos.  Also on the agenda is a public hearing to extend the urgency ordinance that created a citywide moratorium on newor expanded  massage practicioner facilities, then a closed session on one potential case of litigation.

The “Los Alamitos Boulevard Beautification” item is expected to take most of the time.  It appears designed to bring all Council Members up to speed on a process that began in May, 2009 when the Council applied for a SCAG (So Cal Assn of Governments) “Compass Blueprint Planning Grant” for the City’s Commercial Corridors.  That plan for Los Alamitos Blvd. is a major part of the Proposed 2035 Continue reading

Los Al City Council wrestles with current budget surplus, future deficit

FullSizeRender (2)

Council members discussed some surprise budget increases in both income and expenses.

(Los Alamitos, 2/20/2015)  At Wednesday night’s Meeting Los Alamitos’ City Council Members received good news about the current Fiscal Year’s budget, and bad news about the budget for Fiscal Year 2015-16, which begins on July 1.

In a Regular Meeting that lasted almost four hours they also approved a pilot program to video the Planning Commission Meetings for the next four months as a possible first step to putting all Commission Meetings on video for broadcast and webcast.

In a closed session that followed they worked until 11:00 on two cases of potential litigation and the current case of Wagner vs. City of Los Alamitos.

Good News, Bad News

Fiscal Year 2014-15:  Projected income incresed over $200,000 to almost $12 1/2 million, primarily due to over $180,000 in increases in sales & use taxes and the Utility Users’ Taxes.

Projected Expenditures:  Unfortunately, General Fund expenses are expected to increase as well, by $300,000, but Continue reading

HG: They’re Coming, Let’s Prepare

Once again our Highlands’ Guy looks into the near future. Is he barking up the wrong tree?

(Los Alamitos, 2/19/2015)  by Highlands Guy:  Hoku was barking up a storm, which is normal when anyone or anything gets within a block of our house. Within a minute I heard a noise that I could not really identify. And then, there it was, careening, seemingly out of control around the house. Didn’t know exactly what it was, but thought it was pretty cool.

My first thought was that the pre-teen a few houses up the street lost control of the flying thingamajig, that he got for his birthday.

Wrong! It was the 20 something guy down the block that was swooping in for a better view of the neighbor lady who likes to swim in the altogether.

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