Thankful for our Small Businesses

Nick's Del is one of many terrific local local small businesses in West OC

Nick’s Del is one of many terrific local local small businesses in West OC

(11/28/2014, Los Alamitos/Cypress/Rossmoor/Seal Beach) by Dave Emerson:  Tomorrow is “Small Business Saturday,”  and we’ve got lots of great local small businesses that make our West OC communities great places to live.

Actually it looked like Nick’s Deli II  was having a Black Friday doorbuster special when I pulled into the parking lot just north of Hoff’s on Los Al to pick up the order I’d already called in, and I was sure glad I could go to the front of the line to pick up my order.

I guess my first clue should have been the busy line the first three times I called in.  Folks around Los Al sure know what to do for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving.  I’ll bet Gourmet Cafe and Pie on Katella was also slammed.  Hoff’s or Katella Delli are Continue reading

Thankful for Christmas! (Day 10 of 10 days of Thanksgiving)

November 28, 2014 in Los Alamitos.  Happy Black Fridayu!

November 28, 2014 in Los Alamitos. Happy Black Fridayu!

Waking up to another gorgeous November day here in OC’s western frontier, its hard not to continue in the spirit of thankfulness  that we’ve been celebrating here for the last ten days.  We have so many reasons to be thankful; it would be a shame not to celebrate them every day.

So my Black Friday wish for you and for me is that thankfulness will pervade every day through the holidays and right through 2015 in our hearts & homes.   Just this morning I discovered Los Alamitos has been blessed with 17 excellent applicants for 15 volunteer Commissioner openings. . . . so I hope to have an 11th day of Thanksgiving post up on Saturday with more of the interesting details.

Because today, before I get to work on my Holiday to-do list, I ask you to join me in a few moments of thanksgiving for the Holiday most of us Continue reading

Thankful for God’s goodness, love, and grace (day 9 of 10)

(11/27/2014) by Dave Emerson:   Lots to be thankful this year, and what I’ve shared so far in this “Ten days of Thanksgiving” series is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, which sure isn’t in SoCal this 82 degree Thanksgiving.

When I got up this Thanksgiving morning and found my kind, lovely, and smart wife wrapping up her Black Friday shopping online, I was thankful for the internet.  Not to mention my gracious and diligent wife.

As the texts and pix began pouring in from our family currently in Kentucky, Cambria, and Texas I was thankful for quiet, peaceful and beautiful morning here in Los Alamitos.  And also that just four weeks from today all 11 of our kids and grandkids will be together with us here for Christmas.

For me, as for our Pilgrim forefathers  and our first President, all the good things we enjoy ultimately come from “that great and glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be.”  (National Thanksgiving proclamation, 10/3/1789)

God’s goodness and love pervade both  Continue reading

Los Alamitos Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years’ trash pick-up. . .

Trash cans

Trash out 1 day later, street sweeping day doesn’t change, probably not enforced.

(11/262014). . . will be on Friday, not Thanksgiving Day.  The same applies to all West OC Communities, including Cypress, Rossmoor, and Seal Beach:  If Thursday is your normal trash pick-up day, put your trash out Thursday night after you’ve had your turkey.  Those with Friday pick-up, it’s been moved back to Saturday this week.

That puts street sweeping in Los Al SFR neighborhoods on the same day as trash pick-up, Friday, unless they get a 4 day weekend.  Usually there isn’t any no parking enforcement when trash and street sweeping are the same day,   so your holiday guests won’t have to worry.  Same drill on Christmas and New Year’s this year, which also fall on a Thursday.

Household Hazardous Waste pick-up for Los Alamitos will be this coming Wednesday (a week from today), but you have to call Consolidated by Monday or Tuesday at the latest to request a pick-up.  562 347-2100.

click here to comment, diplomatically of course: Continue reading

Thankful for troubles & trials (Day 8 of 10 days of Thanksgiving)

When the 1990s California recession hit, I was one grumpy Realtor, when I should have been thankful.

Disclosure:  This post is written from a spiritual perspective.  You have been warned.  (11/26/2014) by Dave Emerson:  Even though I’d already survived one California real estate recession, when another one hit in the early 1990s I was one angry Realtor.  My Bible told me to “Be thankful in all circumstances” (I Thessalonians 5:18, NLT), but I sure couldn’t find anything positive in my workload doubling while my income was cut in half and our investments were losing value and cash flow.

Boy, was I wrong!  On at least two counts.

First, times of trouble are the times Continue reading

Day 7 of 10: Thankful for Thanksgiving!

(West Orange County, 11/25/2014) by Dave Emerson:  Thanksgiving is a uniquely North American holiday. It is only celebrated in the U.S. (4th Thursday in November), Canada (2nd Monday of October), and, more recently, in Grenada (October 25th).

What a great idea–a day set aside for a celebration of thanks! In many ways, it’s my favorite holiday–less commercialized, more family oriented, with unique American roots and even a healthy main dish.

About 48 hours from now most of us will be eating with loved ones, but that’s only part of what the holiday is all about.  Please endulge me as I repeat a brief history of  the three “first Thanksgivings” in North America, first in Florida, then Virginia, then in Massachusettes.  Yup, the Pilgrims were third,but they didn’t know it.

The First “first Thanksgiving:” en Espanol! Continue reading