HG: No Hotel California!

(Los Alamitos, 5/22/2015)  by Highlands Guy:  As much as I would like to see the big open space on Los Al Blvd filled in, the latest proposed alternative being discussed in City Hall, does not fit the bill on many levels. I don’t know exactly how long it has been vacant, but I have been driving by it for close to 20 yrs. and don’t remember seeing much action there. If memory serves me, I think it used to be a car dealership, and the property is still under a cloud due to open toxic waste questions.

I will first lay out my reasons for opposition to the latest proposal, a Fairfield Inn, and then offer an alternative scenario. And I would urge the readers of LosAlNews to attend the appropriate City Council and Planning Commission meetings to voice your opinions. Remember they work for us. Do not abdicate your Continue reading

Budget adjustments, travel policy on 2 Monday (5/18/2015) City Council Agendas

Los Alamitos city staff reports they’ve balanced the 2015-16 General Budget by implementing changes suggested by the Council

(Los Alamitos, 5/17/2015)  This Monday’s 6 pm Regular Los Alamitos City Council Meeting features 8 different presentations, 6 Consent Calendar Items, 2 discussion items (travel and reimbursement policy & the timeframe for completing the LATV3 Cable Vision Study by 6/30/2015), and a closed session to negotiate the coming Fiscal Year’s City Attorney contract & one potential lawsuit.  Click here for the agenda with links to the agenda reports.

In addition a Special Meeting is scheduled for 5 pm with an update on the 2015/16 Fiscal Year General Fund Operating Budget, with a focus on how the 5/4/2015 Council directions were implemented to reduce  Continue reading

Follow the Money

Our Thursday columnist finds lots of cause for concern in Los Alamitos’ proposed 2015-16 Budget

(Los Alamitos, 5/14/2015)  by Highlands Guy:  The Los Alamitos General Fund update and proposed Fiscal Year 2015/2016 operating budget presented to the City Council on May 4 was thorough and precise.

However, that made it a challenge to get through. I think I printed out all 70 pages and read most of it, at least cursorily

I must say I was in good company, by the tone and lack of questions that were evident during the May 4th City Council meeting.  You wouldn’t think such a Continue reading

Change in code cancels tonight’s Traffic Comission Meeting

Los Alamitos’ Traffic Commissioners get tonight off due to a delayed online posting of the Agenda

(5/13/2015, Los Alamitos)  Maybe scheduling Los Alamitos’ Traffic Commission’s May meeting for Wednesday the 13th wasn’t such a good idea.

In any case, not posting the Commission’s Agenda online at least 72 hours before the meeting began was definitely a deal killer.

A 2014 change in California’s government code coupled with Continue reading

Traffic Commission to look at employee street parking, new 3 way stop sign, 2015-16 capital improvements

In order to create more parking for customers, the Los Al Center Plaza’s owner wants to reduce the 2 hour parking on Serpentine so his tenants & their employees can park there.

(5/12/2015, Los Alamitos)  At their May 12, 2015 meeting, Los Alamitos’ Traffic Commission will look at yet another Old Town East property owner who wants employees to be able to park all day on neighborhood streets.

This time it’s the Los Al Center Plaza’s   owner making the request.  As is the case with the Los Alamitos Surgery Center, it appears that the inadequate parking was required when the facility was built.  Now that the Brew Kitchen Alehouse has opened at the Center Plaza, and their business is booming, they’ve got a parking problem at the Center.

It’s a good news/bad news situation, which may provide additional  reasons for the City’s planned pay parking proposal.

But there are a couple more items on the Commission’s Agenda as well: Continue reading

HG: What are we supporting (via the “Legislative Platform?”)

(Los Alamitos 5/7/2015)Dave E here.  As far as I know, with continued cutbacks  by local print and online media our Thursday Columnist is now the only writer in any news media who scrutinizes some aspect of Los Alamitos government every week.  Fortunately for those of us who care about Los Alamitos, he’s at it again, asking some good questions.  Thanks, HG!

by Highlands Guy:   Let’s look at what we support via the adoption of the “Legislative Platform for 2015:”

In an effort at full disclosure, I must admit I didn’t see the council meeting where this was on the agenda, nor did I look at it until about a week ago. So, I’m just getting up to speed and trying to wrap my arms around a subject with a lot of moving parts. So my first task was to read it. But first I had to print it. 34, single sided pages. Yikes! I don’t envy our city council having to read this stuff in detail and make intelligent, informed, decisions about it with the very best interest in mind of the diverse constituency that is Los Alamitos.

I may not be the brightest bulb on the tree, but I was expecting to easily understand exactly what was stated in the ‘Background’. This was not the case. I became stumped by “…develops reference guide for legislative positions… and provides advocacy and engagement guidelines for city staff…” and “… engage in the legislative session at the County/Regional, State, and Federal level…” I presume this is a pre-programmed guide to tell our city council   Continue reading