HG: Draw Your Own Conclusions

Our Thursday columnist reveals pay packages at all levels of Los Alamitos City jobs.

(Los Alamitos, 8/21/2014)  by Highlands Guy:  The following data was extracted from the website, ‘transparentcalifornia.com.”  It reflects information supplied by the City of Los Alamitos for the 2012 fiscal year.

I offer it just as food for thought, without any political point of view. This actually means I don’t know yet how it fits in with my thoughts of what is appropriate or necessary or the desired level of pay to run our city.

[Editors comment from Dave E:  Very interesting reading.  The list appears to be ranked by total annual pay and benefits, from the greatest to the least.  Every employee appears to be ranked separately. Part Time employees have PT  after their job description.

I'm guessing that pension costs are not included, but haven't been able to verify that as yet.  Straight comparisons to your own monthly salary let alone monthly take-home pay should be avoided unless you include your employer's costs for your medical and other benefits, including their half of your Social Security (FICO).

You may enjoy, as I did, going to the Transparent California website and comparing with other cities and districts.  For example, our School District has 4 Superintendents who make more than Los Al's City Manager, and ten who made more than Los Al PD's Captain or Los Al's Community Development Director  Total pay & benefits for the District's highest paid teacher in 2013 was $131,660.]

You make the call. Please note that the pay scale has increased a couple of times since the publication of the data: Continue reading

Los Al Council OKs non-election, continues Civic Center relocation review

(Los Alamitos, 8/21/2014)  It’s official!  Los Alamitos’ newly appointed Council Members are:

  • Cable Commissioner Shelley Hasselbrink
  • Council Member Troy D. Edgar
  • Council Member Warren Kusumoto

The three will be installed at the Los Alamitos’ November 17 Regular City Council Meeting.

Last night the Council unanimously passed three resolutions providing for the appointment of the only three candidates for the three vacant seats, thus saving the City the cost and potential hassle and distraction of an election this November.

Civic Center Relocation Sub Committees:

Also on the agenda, continued from the Council’s Monday night meeting, was the appointment of Council Members to Continue reading

Sobriety checkpoint this Friday on Katella

(Los Alamitos, 10/20/2014)  This just in from our Los Al P.D, just prior to back-to-school this coming Wednesday:

The Los Alamitos Police Department will be conducting a DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint between 8:00 PM and 2:00 AM on Friday, August 22, 2014, in the area of Katella Avenue and Civic Center.

Sobriety Checkpoints haven proven to be an effective resource in reducing the number of people killed and/or injured as a result of motorists driving while impaired, and nearly 90% of all Californians approve of checkpoints.

Research by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has shown highly visible enforcement can reduce impaired driving fatalities by Continue reading

Special Council Meeting Wednesday on 2015 Council, City Hall relocation

Time to move on?

(Los Alamitos, 8/19/2014)  Los Alamitos City Council will meet in Special Session this Wednesday at 5:30 to consider appointing the three candidates who filed for the three vacant seats for the coming term.  (See“Election, 2014:  Los Alamitos City Council  Results In”)

Staff is recommending the obvious, that the City save money and hassle by appointing the only three people who signed up to run for the vacancies, all long time local residents with a history of involvement in the community.

The vote will come on four separate roll call votes, and I’m thinking it’s a pretty safe bet all four will pass, based on the candidates surprising mutual support explored in our post on “The Peace Dividend.”

Also on the agenda will be two items carried over from last night’s regular Council Meeting: Continue reading

Council unanimous on bingo, divided on marijuana and low income housing

(Los Alamitos, 8/19/2014)  A number of interesting issues were on the agenda for last night’s two Los Alamitos City Council Meeting, but for now we’ll just touch on a few, because I’ve got another post to write about a Special Council Meeting coming at 5:30 tomorrow.

During the Public Hearings  the Council unanimously passed a new ordinance allowing remote caller bingo, which should aid non-profits like St. Isidore’s, who sought the ordinance.

The ordinance to remove the currently required Conditional Use Permits passed on a 4-1 vote, with Council Member Edgar voting against.  City staff indicated the change was required by state law.

Marijuana resolution goes up in smoke:

Marijuana growing came up when the Council Continue reading

Future of LosAlTV, City Hall, Fireworks & more on Monday (August 18) Council Agendas

(Los Alamitos, CA, 8/17/2014)  Lots is up for discussion at two Los Alamitos City Council Meetings this Monday:

Agenda for 4 pm Special Meeting:

  • Preliminary Discussion of Civic Center Relocation
  • Discussion of the Cable Function and the Future of Los Alamitos Television

Click here for the conplete agenda, scroll down for  detailed Agenda Reports on the two items.

Agenda for 6 pm Regular (monthly) Meeting:

  • Only one “Presentation:”  An “Update” from Golden State Water’s Interim District Manager.
  • Oral Communications from the Public
  • Expenses
  • 6 Consent Calendar Items including a Resolution of Opposition to the newly re-proposed I-405  (post in progress, check back in 20 minutes)
  • 3 Public hearings including Remote Caller Bingo, Processing fees, and allowing Affordable Housing in Los Al without a Conditional Use permit, as

Continue reading